Santa Barbara Vacation Rental Homes

If you're looking for a vacation, you can't go wrong with sunny, beautiful southern California. But stay away from the heat and noise of Los Angeles or the congestion of San Francisco-instead, come to Santa Barbara, the gorgeous California Riviera, and live the lifestyle of the rich and famous! Stay in one of the following Santa Barbara vacation rental homes you'll understand exactly what we mean.

Our Santa Barbara vacation rental homes have something for everyone. Compared to the condos in Santa Barbara, our homes for rent are more spacious and offer better views-both of the building and from inside of it! They may not boast the beachside advantages of our Santa Barbara beach house rentals, but their inland location does keep them closer to some of the area's best hiking and biking. Book our breathtaking homes with luxury amenities below!

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Gorgeous Santa Barbara Houses for Rent: Inside, Outside, and All-Around

Only the architects who have already cut their teeth can test their mettle in Santa Barbara, where more than a few A- and B-list celebrities make their homes. We offer the vacation homes in Santa Barbara, CA where they have surpassed on all fronts. The exteriors of our vacation home rentals stand tall catch the eye immediately, with paint jobs that combine rustic charm with modern style. Inside, our interior decorators have unified the home's style with color and furniture that make the house into a work of art. Best of all, most of our Santa Barbara vacation rental homes feature large windows that take maximum advantage of Santa Barbara's beautiful weather-and fantastic views.

Everything You Need is Here in Our Santa Barbara Weekend Rentals

Don't you worry about a thing: grab your clothes and electronics, and everything else is already here. The fully-stocked kitchens in our Santa Barbara houses for rent let you settle right in to your daily routine with just a trip to the grocery store. High-speed internet lets you relax the way you love to, whether browsing social media or streaming movies. Washers, dryers, games, and more are all provided.

Stay a While-Really, We Mean it!

Some of our breathtaking Santa Barbara vacation home rentals are available for a weekend or a whole week-others you can rent for a whole month! With such fantastic amenities, a gorgeous location, and no shortage of things to do, Santa Barbara weekend rentals, a week even a monthly rental is always worth considering. If your schedule doesn't allow it, check for the short-term vacation home rentals in Santa Barbara priced by night-they'll scratch anyone's itch for a relaxing getaway, and you'll leave just as refreshed as you'll be excited to return.

People Prefer Our Santa Barbara Vacation Rental Homes

Our vacation homes in Santa Barbara CA are only as good as the people who take care of it-and of its guests. At Paradise Retreats, our team is specialized in the vacation, business, and real estate markets, with all their skills focused on giving you the perfect vacation in the perfect Santa Barbara vacation rental homes. Make sure to browse our vacation rentals in Solvang, CA and choose your booking dates, and let us take care of the rest so you can enjoy the getaway. If you have questions, please call us at 1-805-275-1851!