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There's the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, humming with energy. There are the cultural centers of San Diego, whose zoo, museums, and parks are world-famous. But if you want to enjoy the natural side of southern California, you want to come to Santa Barbara. Called the American Riviera, it's a unique stretch of land and shore that features a wide variety of environments and activities. Whether you want to bike through downtown, hike across the mountains, or go sailing on the waves, Paradise Retreats has you covered with excellent condos in Santa Barbara!

To get the best deal, it's hard to beat our condos for rent in Santa Barbara. Far better than any hotel, these Santa Barbara condos for rent come equipped with everything necessary for a perfect vacation! Browse below and find yourself a condo with spectacular views!

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Well-Located Condos in Santa Barbara

We offer Santa Barbara condos for rent for nightly rates or monthly vacation rentals in Santa Barbara, CA, so you can design the Santa Barbara experience that suits you. If you want a place to stay that's head and shoulders above the competition while you're visiting Santa Barbara, then choose a place like Foothill Vista-your condo in Santa Barbarawill be one of the best parts of your trip! Or if you want to have a second home for a little while, then book one of our condos for rent in Santa Barbara, California like Midtown Modern. You'll be able to enjoy the Santa Barbara lifestyle without having to set down roots-a perfect change of pace.

Every Amenity in Our Condos for Rent in Santa Barbara

What makes our condos in Santa Barbara so much better than a hotel? It's the details-they add up quickly to create an entirely different-and better-vacation experience. For example, stick in a microwave, a refrigerator, a freezer, a toaster, and a blender, some utensils, and a dishwasher, and suddenly you've got a great place to make your own salads, smoothies, convenience meals, and more! Having some games, books, and DVD player lying around takes away any boring that might threaten to creep into your vacation in our condos for rent in Santa Barbara-and having wireless high-speed internet doesn't hurt either!

Plus, many of our condos for rent in Santa Barbara, CA come with onsite service options, such as childcare, concierge, yoga, massages, and more.

Stay in Paradise with Santa Barbara Vacation Condos

To make the most of your stay, choose condos in Santa Barbara from Paradise Retreats. Our company is more than a group of realtors: we are specialized in everything from taking care of Santa Barbara condos for rent to taking care of people. Book one of our condos for rent in Santa Barbara and we can guarantee you'll love your stay in Santa Barbara-browse our condos in Santa Barbara and find the fit for you! Check out the best condos Santa Barbara has to offer and the fantastic attractions, museums, activities, biking, hiking in the Santa Barbara area today! When you get tired of the condo views and want to experience the real deal, stay in one of our beachfront homes instead!