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If you are looking for a vacation in which you can enjoy beautiful beaches, spectacular ocean views, and a nice community, then Carpinteria might be the place for you. Our vacation rentals in Carpinteria, CA will surely enhance your vacation experience and give you much-deserved relaxation. Carpinteria is a small beach community a few miles to the east of Santa Barbara. It offers many of the benefits of Santa Barbara, particularly in its beauty, while providing a small-town feel. Click below to see some of our amazing Carpinteria vacation rentals with gorgeous beach views.

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Beauty and Leisure in our Vacation Rentals in Carpinteria

The Montecito area is unsurpassed in its natural beauty and equally pleasing development. The gentle slope and the calm waters of the pristine beaches lead to incredible homes and many unique shops and diners within walking distance. You can find everything you need throughout this charming little town. Amazing hikes, camping areas and wildlife viewing experiences mark any trip to Carpinteria. There is nothing better than simply spending some time relaxing on the beaches and enjoying the sights of Carpinteria. Events like the Avocado Festival and institutions like the Santa Barbara Polo Club make for an exciting little community to vacation in. Carpinteria offers a Santa Barbara downtown experience with an even slower pace of life if you can believe it!

Amazing Carpinteria Vacation Rentals

Here at Paradise Retreats, we represent the best Carpinteria vacation rentals and some of the most beautiful homes you will find on California's central coast. All of our vacation rentals in Carpinteria CA are exceptionally safe, and regularly cleaned, and you will enjoy more privacy as they are more isolated than hotels. Whether you are looking for something on the beach or tucked away in this charming town, there is a lovely home that will put you there. With one of these oceanfront vacation rentals in Carpinteria, you get a more private beach experience. When you need a break from the beach, you can enjoy a fire and incredible views from the comfort of a spacious living room. From the cozy bedrooms to the patio, these Carpinteria vacation rentals offer the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful place in which they sit. The location is a huge aspect of what makes these homes amazing, as there is really no bad location within Carpinteria, especially when you are near the beach. You are just moments from all of the recreation and services the town has to offer.

There are few better places to take a vacation. Renting vacation rentals in Carpinteria, CA offers an intimate beach experience with all the comforts of a Santa Barbara luxury rental. This is all within a short walk of the amazing 2-bedroom Santa Barbara vacation home rentals that we offer at Paradise Retreats. Contact us to book your stay or visit our website browse the best vacation rentals in Santa Barbara!

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