Vacation Rentals In Santa Barbara By Bedrooms

Santa Barbara, California Vacation Rentals by Bedrooms

Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind when planning vacation is, who’s coming along? Will it be you and the special someone? A private retreat? The guys, or the girlfriends? Whatever the case, Paradise Retreats has you covered, with some Santa Barbara, California vacation rentals sleeping as many as ten people! If you want to start with size and focus on where and how much later, this page is where you should start looking for the perfect California vacation rental.

For the typical small family, our 2-bedroom Santa Barbara Rentals are perfect. Condo rentals in Santa Barbara can provide more bang for your buck, but the extra privacy afforded by rental homes is a nice draw as well. Keep in mind that with some couches doubling as beds, as many as six people can enjoy some of our two-bedroom condo rentals in Santa Barbara.

Three-bedroom homes are some of our most popular. Smaller families love them because they give the extra privacy for each member. They’re great for larger families as well, with some like Riviera View and The Whale House providing room for eight people to sleep. Boasting between 2 and 3.5 bedrooms, there is a lot of variety here!

Some of our most fabulous properties are our 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom mini-mansions. These are often the cream of the crop, boasting not only plenty of space but also wonderful views, striking facades, pools and gardens, and more! These expansive Santa Barbara, California vacation rentals can offer privacy to even larger families, or even fit in some extended family for a joint vacation.

So, how will you vacation: intimate, or extravagant? In a city as marvelous as Santa Barbara, it can be whatever you want! Condo rentals in Santa Barbara are calling your name!