Vacation Rentals Near Santa Barbara, California by Area

California Vacation Rentals by Area

Sometimes, the “where” is way more important than the “how big” or “with what.” If that’s the case for you, use this web page to narrow down your searches to the right place to select your amazing California vacation rental.

The most popular rentals are our Downtown Santa Barbara rentals, luxury Santa Barbara rentals, and Santa Barbara coast rentals. These capitalize on Santa Barbara’s many activities. However, the nearby towns enjoy the same beautiful weather, and they’re all fabulous destinations in their own right. Our Carpinteria rentals are great for being in a small town next to the ocean, as are our Summerland retreats. These spots are perfect for even more seclusion, while still being close enough for day trips to places like the Santa Barbara Zoo and Stearn’s Wharf. Check out our Montecito rentals if staying in Santa Barbara proper just isn’t quite your thing. Adjacent to the town, it’s perfectly close to the amenities of city-living but sparsely populated. If you’re interested in land further northwest, over the mountain to the north, you’ll find California vacation rentals in Los Olivos, Santa Ynez, and Solvang. Ventura is the last town where we offer California vacation rentals. Also enjoying a beautiful coastline, it’s equally close to Los Angeles as Santa Barbara, so you can head to whichever city strikes your fancy for the day. Come get your taste of Santa Barbara Coast rentals!