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Spend 2022 Labor Day in Santa Barbara

The summer season has been in full swing here in Santa Barbara so make sure you visit before it is all over. That’s right, the perfect end-of-summer season vacation can be found right here. Santa Barbara features cool and sunny weather allowing you to enjoy the outdoors most days of the year. For the perfect vacation look no further than Labor Day weekend. Santa Barbara continues to offer all kinds...

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Santa Barbara Property Walkthrough: Anacapa Cottage

You can come to find your very own paradise retreat when you make your way to beautiful Santa Barbara. Our Central California destination is the perfect place to experience a wonderful community, vineyards, and of course our very own bay. Finding the perfect vacation rental has never been easier than booking a stay at Anacapa Cottage. This charming cottage is the perfect lodging for those looking to have a cozy...

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Enjoy a Santa Barbara 4th of July This Year!

The summer season is one of the most popular times to visit Santa Barbara. Our California home is a beautiful vacation destination that enjoys plenty of sunshine in the summer. If you are looking for the perfect reason to visit look no further than the Fourth of July holiday. Santa Barbara has plenty of exciting events to join in on and summer activities to keep you busy with. Take a...

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Property Walkthrough

La Jolla Property Walkthrough: Downtown Magic

If you know anything about finding a vacation rental in Santa Barbara you might understand that it can be difficult to find a property in the downtown neighborhood that isn’t a condo. The original homes of the city in Downtown Santa Barbara are few and far between but we have a La Jolla property that is perfect for you. Downtown Magic is one of the original homes in Santa Barbara...

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Santa Barbara Activities

Book Your Santa Barbara Winter 2022 Getaway Today!

When it comes to getting ready for a vacation getaway it’s always best to book as far out as possible. By booking early you can come across many benefits such as having more vacation rentals to choose from, saving on overall costs, and being able to secure the best activities in town. The same can be said when you are planning to visit Santa Barbara. The winter season will be...

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Property Walkthrough

Mission Canyon Property Walkthrough: The Whale House

Across the century renowned architects have dug deep into their creative minds to design one-of-a-kind properties that are a work of their own. If you wish to stay in such a Mission Canyon property look no further than The Whale House located right here in Santa Barbara. This truly majestic rental property in Santa Barbara is nothing like you have ever seen before. Take a look at what a stay...

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Santa Barbara Holidays

Check Out the Santa Barbara Memorial Day Festivities!

Before you know it the summer season will be here and with it the want to travel. Start off your summer season with a thrilling vacation getaway to Santa Barbara. Our California home offers a beautiful coastline and plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy in the area. Memorial Day is the start of the summer season for us too with many visitors making their way to the coast. Take...

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Property Walkthrough

Santa Barbara Property Tour: Summerland Stagecoach Cottage

Whenever you book a trip to Santa Barbara you will have much more than just the city to explore. Santa Barbara also includes smaller communities in the area including Summerland, a charming beachside community that is just a few miles down the road. Enjoy a peaceful and luxurious stay when you book a stay at Summerland Stagecoach Cottage. This charming Santa Barbara home rental has everything you could want to...

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Property Walkthrough

Property Walkthrough: The Cityscape Santa Barbara Villa

There is just something different about experiencing the city life right here in Santa Barbara. If you want to experience a city with beautiful architecture and award winning restaurants look no further than Santa Barbara. We offer a variety of vacation rentals that will keep you comfortable. It does not matter if you pick out a spacious Santa Barbara villa on the outskirts of town or a luxury condominium in...

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Property Walkthrough

Property Walkthrough: Montecito SeaRenity

Escape off to a secluded and serene Montecito rental by booking a stay at Montecito SeaRenity. This luxurious property is the perfect place to enjoy a private retreat right here in beautiful Santa Barbara. Montecito SeaRenity offers a variety of high-end features and amenities that cannot be found at local hotels and resorts. Instead, you will have all the space you need for a stay like no other. Take a...

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