Choosing Santa Barbara Rental Properties by Neighborhood

Choosing Santa Barbara Rental Properties by Neighborhood

Perhaps the most important aspect of any given vacation rental Santa Barbara property is the location. Regardless of how nice the rental itself is, a good location will go the furthest in facilitating an unforgettable vacation. That is why it is so important for you to know a little something about the Santa Barbara area. As different neighborhoods will provide different experiences, with a little research, you can find a vacation rental Santa Barbara home in the perfect location for you and your family. Here are some of the neighborhoods and what they offer.

Secluded Luxury

If you are looking for Santa Barbara luxury vacation rentals as you can experience it nowhere else, then the Montecito neighborhood is the place for you. In this exclusive neighborhood, the regular people are billionaires and the famous people are regular. Throughout these quiet streets, you will find private and secluded sandy white beaches and massive estates. This is a beautiful village providing an intimate experience. But you are never too far from the action, as Santa Barbara is only a short bike ride away.

Amazing Natural Beauty

The Santa Ynez area is perfect for those looking for a rustic, yet luxurious Santa Barbara rental properties excursion. Located miles from the hustle and bustle of the city of Santa Barbara, visitors here enjoy a much more relaxed pace of life. One of the highlights of this area is Santa Barbara's wine country, where you will find countless amazing vineyards and wineries that produce delicious wines in the most beautiful setting in the area. This area is perfect for those looking to explore hills and valleys while enjoying some of the best wine tours in California.

The Best Views in Town

The Riviera neighborhood is one of the most unique neighborhoods in town. This area has gotten its name for its resemblance to the slopes along the Mediterranean Sea in France and Italy. From here you can enjoy amazing views of the charming city as well as the beautiful Pacific coastline. Along with these amazing views, the neighborhood offers some of the best access to downtown Santa Barbara that you will find anywhere. This affords visitors the opportunity to have a slow paced adventure enjoying the city from this spot on the hill, or take to the city for exciting downtown excursions.

Know Your Neighborhoods

It is not possible to find yourself in a bad place in Santa Barbara because the city offers countless areas that feature amazing beauty and opportunities for leisure. However, there are certain neighborhoods that that will better cater to you and your family's needs. Being informed about these areas is the best way to ensure that your vacation will provide the most memorable experience possible. To learn more about Santa Barbara luxury vacation rentals and start planning your fun-filled trip, call Paradise Retreats today!