Santa Barbara Beaches

Santa Barbara Beaches

The sandy wonderland of Santa Barbara is made up of many beaches, children of this great California city which deserve attention. Of course during your stay in one of our vacation homes, you already plan to visit beaches, so we aren't telling you anything new; it's a staple of every California visit. But perhaps we can help you find the best golden paradises, as there are many that exist! Follow this Paradise Retreats guide and you'll know about the best beaches in Santa Barbara.

The Mother Beach

The leader of Santa Barbara beaches has the feminine title of Butterfly Beach, and is attractive as not only as the mother of beaches, setting the standard, but for its indicative title of its serene environment. Clean gray sands face westward, offering a pristine sunset experience as the sun appears to descend beneath the water. Bordering the beach is greenery, trees and grass; you don't have to worry about a city being a step away to infringe on the mood. This is an example of a great getaway, setting the bar high for what you can expect of Santa Barbara beaches.

Hendry's Arroyo Burro

This spot goes by two names, both Hendry's Beach and Arroyo Burro, both representing a wonderful sandy landmark. Taking a different angle from the former beach - although this one is beautiful too - friendly is its best description. The community loves to take their dogs here, offering a location of cute furry faces and accommodating dog owners with a dog shower. You'll find a safe environment here with a lifeguard on duty while the beach is open, meaning this is great for families. Parking is free too, so if you're thinking "easy beach" this is the one.

The Third (Hidden) Highlight

This is a haven accessible via a staircase dubbed "One Thousand Steps." It's not so strenuous in length, more like one hundred steps, but it sets the beach apart from the rest of the world. When you are ready to engage in a world of surfing or paddle boarding, this is your escape. Leave the regular world behind as you descend into a vacation world where it's all too easy to get lost in the moment.

Start the Adventure

Now you know the best beaches in Santa Barbara and can start your beach adventure by booking the best Santa Barbara beach house rentals. It doesn't matter what activity you choose, sunbathing, surfing, or even shell collecting; beaches are accommodating in all the best ways. As an esteemed activity, the beaches of Santa Barbara are ready and welcoming! Book your stay with us today in one of our amazing Santa Barbara villas like our Water's Edge or change the scenery in one of our Santa Ynez Valley rentals, and make your dream vacation a reality!

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