Santa Barbara Family Activities

Santa Barbara Family Activities

Located on the coast of central California, Santa Barbara offers so much to so many: arts, culture, shopping, amazing dining establishments, wineries, and panoramic views of rugged coast lines framing the cool, clear waters of the Atlantic. But what many people don't realize is it's the perfect vacation destination for your next family vacation. There are tons of Santa Barbara family activities, including museums, zoos and aquariums where children of all ages can learn everything there is to know about sea life while getting the opportunity to touch and handle some of the exhibits. Santa Barbara is a city the whole family can enjoy! Our great staff at Paradise Retreats has compiled a list of things to do with family in Santa Barbara that are fun, educational, and are perfect for bringing families closer together on vacation!

West Beach

You know the old saying, "the family that hangs at West Beach together, stays together?" Ok, while that's not really a quote, we can promise that West Beach is filled with family things to do in Santa Barbara, including activities and events that are guaranteed to appeal to every member of your family. Bring your bikes and ride along the bike path under the glorious California sun, but know that's not the only sporting activity to try out at this beach.

In addition to the land sports of volleyball, biking, skating, and skateboarding, there's a large selection of water activities, including ,but not limited to, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, boating, and sailing. Shopping at Stearns Wharf Pier is always fun, and make sure to sample the many restaurants and cafes along the way as well. The Ty Warner Sea Center is an aquarium located on Stearns Wharf & e" your children will love it! It's quite possible your family could spend your entire vacation hanging out at West Beach and still not be able to participate in all the family things to do in Santa Barbara available here!

Santa Barbara Zoo

It's always been interesting to us to visit zoos on our different vacations and just get a chance to see the different exhibits and how they are set up in each state, and in our humble opinion, The Santa Barbara Zoo is one of the finest in the United States. Yes, it's smaller than many of its counterparts, but its size just creates a more intimate ambience; you get a real feeling of the zoo and all its animals that you may miss out in larger, more impersonal zoos. With more than 146 different species on display (over 500 animals total), we think it would be a shame if your family missed out on visiting this local gem. Find it located at 500 Ninos Drive in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Have you or your family ever wondered what the skeleton of a 72-foot-long blue whale would look like? If you visit the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, you will get a chance to discover the answer to this question and learn about everything from insects to mammals and even dinosaurs. Take the chance to visit a planetarium and see a gem and mineral display as well! Every third Sunday of the month they offer free admission, so you might want to plan your vacation accordingly. Location: 2559 Puesta del Sol Road, Santa Barbara.

Parks, More Beaches, The Santa Barbara Presidio, and So Much More!

With over 10 parks, multiple beaches and historical building sites, as well as the UC Santa Barbara Events Center available for exploration, play, and fun, we really think you should consider visiting our beautiful city on your next family vacation; isn't it time to start planning all the Santa Barbara things to do with family you want to take part in? All you need is a place to stay and we have you covered on that! Contact us today and book your vacation home or a villa today!