Santa Barbara Winter Activities to Try This Season

Santa Barbara Winter Activities to Try This Season

Winter in Santa Barbara is probably a little (a lot!) different than it is in your own home town; it's actually a season we look forward to every year! Offering sunny days, happy people, and cooler temperatures (but not too cold!) our winters are the perfect time to spend outdoors and we do so as often as we can; no cocooning here! And if you're thinking about taking a winter vacation to some new an exotic place, Santa Barbara should be at the top of your list. To make absolutely certain that you are convinced, we're offering this sample of some new Santa Barbara winter activities to try during your vacation in California!

Explore Some Ruins

As we stated earlier, winter in Santa Barbara is the best time of the year for getting out and experiencing mother nature at her finest, and Knapp's Castle, located in the Santa Barbara Hills off East Camino Cielo, is one such way to do so! Constructed in 1916 for one of the richest men in the valley, Knapp's Castle was once a very concrete example of what money can bring; luxurious, sumptuous, and somewhat over the top, the castle was the chemical baron's favorite play toy; until it wasn't. He sold it in 1940 and all but the rock exterior burned to the ground just a few short weeks later. Today, it's a popular hiking destination and offers million dollar views of the valley surrounding its crumbling shell. This is one of the best Santa Barbara winter activities.

Escape Inside the Magic of Film

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival, shortened here to SBIFF, has been one of the leading film festivals in the nation for over 30 years; and this year's festival promises to outshine all previous years, it is one of the best Santa Barbara winter activities! Beginning on January 30th, you can expect 10 days of movie magic, glamorous stars, and ritzy events, including a special award ceremony on February 3rd in which everyone's favorite comedian is given the prestigious Montecito Award. The final curtain falls on this exciting festival on February 9th, so start making your plans before it's too late!

Hang Loose and Hang Ten

One well-known secret about Santa Barbara is that late fall and winter are the best times to surf; the waves get bigger and better and the crowds start dwindling, creating the perfect surf session. If you're an avid surfer and have experience, Rincon in nearby Carpinteria is the only place to be; this must-surf wave has beaten the best of the best in the surfing world. Do you have what it takes to win? If your skills aren't quite Rincon ready, Santa Claus beach offers beginner surfers a far less intimidating place to start out on their surf journey!

Pick Paradise to Enjoy Santa Barbara Winter Activities

When the first name is paradise, you have to expect something not just special, but extraordinary; and that's what you'll find when you rent one of our Paradise Retreats winter escapes. Offering luxury and comfort in posh surroundings, your California vacation will be a dream come true; reserve yours today!