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About Us

About Paradise Retreats

Paradise Retreats offers unsurpassed service to Guests and Owners of the vacation homes we represent. Our properties are beautiful and well-maintained and have all the amenities you would expect in a luxury home. Furthermore, we specialize in satisfying the needs of the discriminating customer, who expects the best in service and quality. Each of our properties offers a unique and special experience. Please contact us with any questions or inquiries. Our office hours are from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

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Meet The Management Team


Theo Kracke



Theo & Becky Kracke founded Paradise Retreats in 2006. Using the business philosophies of Integrity, Innovation, and Value, Paradise Retreats has grown to become the leader in luxury vacation rental management in Santa Barbara County.

Theo has been a resident of Santa Barbara since 1981. After graduating with an Honors degree in Business Economics from UCSB, he founded Techstyles Sportswear in his garage in Goleta. Techstyles became a leader in the resort apparel industry, consistently shipping 80,000+ garments each month to tourist resort destinations around the country. In 2004, Theo sold Techstyles and began exploring new entrepreneurial opportunities.

By 2006, it became obvious to Theo & Becky that Santa Barbara needed a vacation rental management company that applied proven business principles to their operations. With Theo’s business operations experience, and Becky’s real estate background, they have built a company that achieves that goal. Becky & Theo have recruited a team of competent professionals in every aspect of property management. From New Client Relations, Property Administration, Guest Relations, Property Services, and Accounting, their loyal and hard-working staff strives to maximize the success of every property. This is achieved while providing excellent customer service to their valued Guests, while also protecting neighbors’ rights to the quiet enjoyment of their properties.

Theo, Becky, and their 2 children aim to enjoy the best that Santa Barbara offers. Whether surfing from their parcel on the Hollister Ranch, regularly hiking the mountain trails of Montecito, exploring the Channel Islands on their boat, or just enjoying downtown activities with the kids, a philosophy of “work to live” permeates the Kracke lifestyle.

“I appreciate the beauty, sophistication, and creativity of the Santa Barbara community. Everyone I know is committed to a balanced life of professional work satisfaction, health, and happiness. We strive to create a company that reflects those values"


Becky Kracke

Broker / CFO


As the Principal Broker of Paradise Retreats Real Estate, Inc., Becky guides the company with her extensive knowledge of real estate practices & regulatory compliance. Her years of experience have directed the growth of our Long-Term Rental property management division. She stays informed of changes in local real estate regulations, and implements policies to ensure compliance with all new rules. Her passion for real estate sales has influenced our Guest Relations Team to be passionate about success & growth in our rental business.

Becky was born in Missoula, Montana, and at age 2 moved with her family to Ventura, CA. She had an early start in the hospitality industry because she lived & worked at the beachside hotel owned by her parents. Becky graduated with a degree in English Literature from Cal State Northridge, and worked in Real Estate during her college years. She became a licensed Realtor in 1993, and has since facilitated hundreds of successful real estate transactions.

“It has been exciting for Theo & me to build this company to its current level of success. We are proud of our reputation for integrity & professionalism. It has been very rewarding to see my commitment & passion for real estate reflected in the culture & attitude of our hard-working staff.”


Tera Neumann

Director of New Client Relations


As Director of New Client Relations with Paradise Retreats, Tera is a perfect fit for this high-energy, fast-moving company. She is thorough and relaxed in the face of competing priorities. Tera also understands the importance of innovation, which makes it easy to implement systems that make her department more efficient and accurate. Most importantly, Tera knows the importance of building relationships and understanding clients’ wants and needs.

Tera has been a proud member of the Paradise Retreats team since March 2013. With a degree in Communication and Public Relations, she has previously worked in the hotel industry, where she specialized in Marketing, Events, and Client

Relations. Her past experience in Client Relations continues to set the foundation for Tera’s commitment to simple, yet effective principles: putting the client first, being on time, and always calling clients back as soon as possible.

Tera moved from Wisconsin to the Santa Barbara area in 2011. While she misses her hometown dearly and visits often, she is proud to now call Santa Barbara home. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her wife and their daughter, and they spend many of their weekends at the beach and exploring the beautiful parks in the surrounding area.

“I am pleased to work with all of our new clients and introduce them to the Paradise Retreats family. I am committed to providing excellent service and accurate information as efficiently as possible. As my clients already know, I am only satisfied when my client is satisfied, and we work together to create lasting and meaningful relationships.”


Angelica Furstenburg

Property Administration Manager


As a Property Administrator Manager, Angelica’s goal is ensuring properties are prepared for success as short-term or long-term rentals. Angelica confirms that all the home details are correctly represented, and that each home is set up to provide Guests and Tenants an excellent rental experience.

Raised in Madera, California, Angelica joined the Army National Guard in 2012. By 2015, she had moved to Santa Barbara for school, and to seek career opportunities. Angelica joined the Paradise Retreats team as a Property Inspector in March 2016. Since then, she has fulfilled several positions in the company.

In 2019, Angelica was proud to be promoted to Property Administration Manager. Angelica has enjoyed each of her roles in this growing company, and she is excited to continue her experience in the many facets of Property Management.

When she’s not working, Angelica loves to hike, go to the beach, and enjoy the beautiful weather Santa Barbara has to offer.

“I am thankful to have co-workers that are professional, but also make me feel like I am part of a family. One of the many things the military has taught me is that we should encourage each another and work together as a team. The Paradise Retreats family flourishes because we strive to work as a cohesive unit.”


Kimberly Mitchell

Guest Relations Manager


A native of Santa Barbara, Kim joined the Paradise Retreats family in 2017 as Guest Relations Staff. Kim was an excellent addition, and earned respect through hard work, integrity, and creative problem solving.

In 2019, Kim was promoted to the position of Guest Relations Manager. Kim successfully leads the Guest Relations Team by her continuing commitment to being an organized and reliable leader.

Kim received a BA in Literature & Creative Writing from Cal State University – Chico. Her prior professional roles have been in graphic design, marketing, commercial real estate, and as a legal assistant.

In her free time, Kim enjoys spending time with family and friends, camping, walking on the beach, hiking, and attending concerts in the area.

“I really appreciate the atmosphere at Paradise Retreats. Everyone is really down-to-earth, and genuinely enjoys contributing to the success of the business. We work as a team, and it feels really good to know we’re all in this together. It’s very satisfying to hear that people have had a memorable experience with family & friends at one of our properties.”


Justin Millsaps

Property Services Manager


Justin joined Paradise Retreats well-equipped for a position in Property Services. In 2017, he moved to California with his son, and began working in Estate Management in Santa Barbara. In May 2018, Justin left his estate management job to become part of the Property Services team at Paradise Retreats

Justin brings a strong commitment to Owner and Guest relations. This is exemplified in his prompt, organized, and efficient management style. He loves being part of the Paradise Retreats team and the family atmosphere that it provides. Justin also has a devotion to help others; he works hard to implement new and innovative ways to help out veterans, and his local community.

Justin served in the US Marine Corps as an Engineer. He then began working in construction in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, where he was promoted to Construction Management. Shortly after he settled in Santa Barbara, Justin began taking classes at Westmont College in Montecito, CA where he recently earned his degree in Business/Economics. He now looks forward to continuing his education with his pursuit of obtaining his MBA.

“To quote Jim Collins from his book Good to Great: ‘if you have the wrong people, it doesn’t matter whether you discover the right direction; you still won’t have a great company. Great vision without great people is irrelevant.’ I believe Paradise Retreats understands this logic. We are a family that strives to accomplish a high standard and love doing it with one another. This is the foundation that makes Paradise Retreats a great company of which to be a part. I thoroughly enjoy the journey we are sharing with each another.”


Nate Nienhuis

Accounting & HR Manager


Originally from Grand Rapids Michigan, Nate graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Azusa Pacific University in 2012, and immediately came to work for Paradise Retreats.

As the Accounting & HR Manager, Nate understands the importance of detail and loves to continually learn to help improve the company. He is a hard worker with an upbeat and enthusiastic approach to each day. Nate attributes his drive and motivation to his experience as a college athlete.

He loves the city of Santa Barbara, and especially appreciates the beauty of the properties he helps to manage. In his free time, Nate enjoys spending time with his wife. Together, they share a love of soccer, surfing, and spending time with their families.

When it comes to his job at Paradise Retreats, Nate’s greatest satisfaction is when a guest has a “hassle-free” vacation, and departs Santa Barbara feeling happier than when they arrived.

Meet The Property Administration Support Team


Sheri Mize

Interior Designer and Stager, Sheri Mize Designs


Sheri and her team have been styling and staging Paradise Retreats’ properties since 2007. She enhances the appeal of each property with her impeccable style and attention to detail. Sheri’s talent for creating comfortable, harmonious and beautiful spaces perfectly compliments our approach to providing a world-class vacation experience to our guests.

Sheri has a background in fashion and merchandising, and a degree in Interior and Exterior Design. A native of Southern California, she has had the pleasure of calling Santa Barbara her home since 1983.

Sheri feels blessed to be working alongside the wonderful team at Paradise Retreats.

“It’s a joy to work with such a wonderful, supportive and respectful crew. Despite the long hours spent getting just the right shot, each project ends with gratitude and hugs.”

Jane Harper has been Sheri’s Lead Assistant since 2014. She has a background in Business Administration and Customer Service as well as the experience of years of international travel.

“I never take living in Santa Barbara for granted. To also be surrounded in my work by wonderful people is a gift.”


Retta Slay

Property Administration Staff

As an important part of our Property Administration department, Retta’s primary job is to help prepare each property to ensure it’s success in short-term (or long-term) rental markets.

Retta has been a resident of Santa Barbara since1994. It was in our beautiful area where she raised her two sons, while she also contributed to the growth of the family business. Retta’s primary role in that business was planning events designed to foster excellent relations with clients, vendors, and employees.

Guided by a strong core of inner values, Retta’s outer life reflects those same values. Retta’s goal is to contribute to other people’s happiness & well-being. She works at this goal with energy, creativity, and dedication. Retta contributes her time actively supporting local schools, organizations, and her church.

During her free time, Retta enjoys connecting with family, friends, and enabling kids with special needs to engage in new experiences. She also loves to entertain, travel, explore, take long walks, and work on creative projects.

"I enjoy being a part of the Paradise Retreats family. I'm impressed by the strengths of our individual team members who collectively deliver a great experience to our homeowners and guests."

Meet Our Guest Relations Support Team


Dulce Rodriguez

Guest Relations

As the Guest Relations staff who occupies the front desk of our office, Dulce is the “face” of Paradise Retreats. Her friendly demeanor & helpful attitude make her a valuable member of our Guest Relations Team.

Dulce has been a resident of Carpinteria since 2004. She loves the beautiful beaches and amazing views of her hometown. Dulce also enjoys traveling, and especially enjoys urban cities such as Chicago, with it’s vibrant urban energy, and abundance of public art pieces in the Downtown area.

Dulce enjoys spending quality time with her friends & family, exploring the outdoors, going to the beach & watching the sunset, visiting historical monuments, and especially enjoys taking road trips on the California coast.

"Working at Paradise Retreats has been a delightful experience. Everybody here is so amiable & welcoming. I am grateful to work with such an amazing team."


Jean Sargeant

Reservation Specialist


Jean has been working with Paradise Retreats since 2006, and has played an integral part in building Paradise Retreats to what it is today.

Jean presently works as a Reservation Specialist, which she enjoys very much. With prior careers in Interior Design and Real Estate, Jean understands fine quality and the importance of impeccable service. Her strong work ethic makes her a valuable part of the Paradise Retreat team. Jean’s effectiveness is based on her kind demeanor, which she successfully combines with “no-nonsense” business skills.

Jean enjoys hiking, golf, music and theater performances. She and her husband participate in the many wonderful cultural and artistic events in their community.

“It is with a feeling of great pride and pleasure that I have the opportunity to work with the professional staff of Paradise Retreats. I am happy to be an integral part of the growth of this truly ‘World Class’ company.”


Carol Broderick

Reservation Specialist


Carol, or ‘CG’ (as she is known to friends and co-workers), has contributed to the success of Paradise Retreats since 2011. Supporting the company with her role as a Reservation Specialist, she manages bookings, answers inquiries and questions with enthusiasm.

Born and educated in England, she now resides in Sonoma County, California where she spends her spare time entertaining guests at her home, tending to her garden, planning her next trip with her husband, or relaxing with the latest book-club pick.

Prior to Paradise Retreats she worked in advertising for 22 years as a media buyer in Los Angeles and San Francisco while raising her two daughters. She appreciates working in the hospitality industry making arrangements for guests looking to relax and cherish their stay in beautiful Santa Barbara County.

“Santa Barbara County is a place of style, romance and family serenity. It is a destination that offers something for everyone. What I love about the area is the interesting architecture, sandy beaches, the choice of local restaurants to enjoy, as well as the small-town feel. I am proud to assist in arranging properties that ensure an unforgettable stay, and make our Guests excited to return soon”.

Meet Our Property Services Support Team

Property Services Coordinators


Chris Verissimo

Property Services Coordinator


Chris joined the Paradise Retreats team in 2017 as a Property Inspector / Meet & Greet Staff. After displaying excellent organizational skills & enthusiasm in our fast-paced environment, Chris was promoted to Property Services Coordinator. In this role, Chris ensures that all issues discovered at our properties are addressed in a timely manner. The result is that all our properties are maintained in top condition at all times, and that issues during a Guest’s stay are handled promptly & efficiently.

With experience in sales in the fitness and solar industries, Chris recognizes the significance of communication and customer service. To ensure that each of our guests has an ideal vacation, he is always willing to do what is necessary to handle issues that arise during Guests’ stays.

Chris moved to Santa Barbara from Modesto, California in the 2016 to study Global Studies and Middle Eastern Studies at UC Santa Barbara. Although he is occupied with work and school, Chris still finds time to travel to places like Morocco, Spain, Australia, and Mauritania to experience all that the world has to offer. He also enjoys exploring our local mountains.

“Between the glorious mountains and gorgeous ocean, there’s nothing better than working for a company that helps people experience the beauty we call home!”


Eric Sanacore

Property Services Coordinator


Born and raised in New York, Eric came to Santa Barbara for what was meant to be a quick visit. Instead, he fell in love with the Central Coast, and in 2013 he drove across the country to start living the California lifestyle.

As a child, Eric always loved to tinker with everything; toys, electronics, appliances and anything else he could get his hands on - to learn how it worked and to see if he could put it back together...luckily this was usually the case! This habit helped Eric to become the technical, detail-oriented person he is today.

Experienced in Customer Service in multiple industries, Eric understands how issues like a malfunctioning appliance, a poor Internet connection, need for further instruction, etc. can impact a vacation experience. He is dedicated to helping as much as he can to provide Paradise Retreats guests with an excellent experience.

As an aspiring Civil Engineering student, Eric enjoys learning and doing what he can to make the world a better place. In his spare time, Eric loves to play video games and enjoys the outdoors with his friends and his dog, Kobe.

“Working at Paradise Retreats has been such a rewarding experience for me. Ensuring our guests enjoy their time in our beautiful city, and taking care of the amazing properties we manage, truly brings me joy".

Property Inspectors / Meet & Greet Staff


Beth Evick

Property Inspector / Meet & Greet Staff

Beth has been a member of the Paradise Retreats team since 2013. With a degree in Hotel Management & Convention Planning from Bowling Green University, Beth brings professional hospitality training to her job. She has excellent attention to detail, and the willingness to accept any task. Beth’s easygoing personality and quick-wit make her a pleasure to work with.

Beth and her husband met in college, and have lived in Santa Barbara since 1990. Together they have two happy and busy children. As a part-time Property Inspector / Meet & Greet Staff, and full-time mom, she is also passionate about Interior Design.

“Inspecting the beautiful homes Paradise Retreats manages is a distinct pleasure. It feels satisfying to help our property owners maintain their homes, and to ensure that our guests have a flawless experience. I often get great design ideas too!”


Jenny Thomas

Property Inspector / Meet & Greet Staff

Jenny joined the Paradise Retreats team in 2013, and quickly discovered that her job was an ideal fit for this Santa Barbara native.

Jenny inspects properties, and greets our guests upon arrival at their vacation home. She also helps manage the property supplies that are provided for all Paradise Retreats guests.

Jenny brings a friendly smile and positive attitude to everything she does. Her loyalty and dedication to her job are always evident.

When not working, Jenny stays busy with her husband, their six children, four grandchildren, and wonderful In-laws. Even with her busy work & family schedule, Jenny still manages to enjoy cooking, exercising, and spending time with friends. She also loves the family pets (her “furry friends”)!

“I love people, and have always been interested in Real Estate. Being a team player, I feel like this job is the perfect fit. After raising my children (and now enjoying our “empty nest) this interesting & enjoyable job has been a great transition for me”.


Carol Bellandi

Property Inspector / Meet & Greet Staff

Carol has been part of the Paradise Retreats Property Services team since 2018. Originally from the Bay Area, she earned her BA degree in Fine Arts from San Jose State University with an emphasis in sculpture/bronze casting, and a minor degree in Italian, which she speaks fluently.

For over 25 years Carol worked as a brand consultant for global consumer products companies such as Coca Cola, Kraft, Nestle and Unilever. Based in the US and Europe, she set up & managed international operations as Managing Director/CEO for Landor Associates, EnterpriseIG, and Addison Design.

In 2006, she started her own consulting practice to help small businesses with sales, marketing, new business development strategies, and coaching. In 2015, she moved to Panama to manage several vacation rental apartment buildings in Panama City. Given her appreciation for art & architecture, her management experience, and also having stayed at spectacular private estates throughout Europe, Carol immensely enjoys assisting our homeowners with the care of their beautiful properties.

“Working at Paradise Retreats and living in Santa Barbara are two truly wonderful experiences. We have a great team at the office where everyone is caring, supportive and working hard to do our best for our clients and guests. As a recent resident of Santa Barbara, I am enjoying the beauty, the weather and most of all, the proximity to my family and friends.”


Benjamin Boggs

Property Inspector / Meet & Greet Staff

Ben joined the Paradise Retreats team in 2019, and has loved every minute of his time here! He brings a wide range of skills to Paradise Retreats, but his favorite job is meeting arriving Guests, introducing them to their property, and then sharing with them tips on how to enjoy the best of our local area.

Ben, a veteran, met our Property Services Manager while attending Westmont College. Together they started a Veterans Club to bring the veteran community closer in the city of Santa Barbara.

Ben is pursuing a BA in Kinesiology where he studies the optimization of movement, and in particular how it applies to surfing. Not only is it Ben’s academic goal, but surfing is also his ultimate joy in life! He loves the feeing of being alone in the ocean, where he can take a break from everyday technology, and instead work on bettering himself. In turn, Ben can then become a positive influence on all those around him.

“I am blessed to be part of Paradise Retreats’ amazing company & family. I’ve struggled for a long time finding work that really makes me happy, and I have finally found a “home” that gives me that feeling. I look forward to the opportunity to work side-by-side with, amazing coworkers. I give 100% every time I ‘Meet & Greet’ our Guests, and also when I am doing my detailed inspections of our beautiful properties. Even though I was raised in Washington State, I now call Santa Barbara my “second home”, and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon!”


Nick Biaggi

Property Inspector / Meet & Greet Staff

Nick brings energy & enthusiasm to his job as a Property Inspector & Meet & Greet Staff. His easygoing demeanor, attention to detail, and love of our area are attributes that our Guests appreciate while being oriented to their new “home”.

Nick began working at Paradise Retreats in the spring of 2019. Originally from Northern California, Nick is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at UC Santa Barbara. In his free time he enjoys surfing, snowboarding, and environmental conservation.

“Joining the Paradise Retreats team has been a wonderful experience. I appreciate being able to work with friendly & dedicated people on a daily basis, all the while in the idyllic setting of Santa Barbara, California.”

Property Services Technicians


Enrique Garcia

Property Services Technician

As a Property Services Technician, Enrique’s job is to assess & repair property issues reported by our Guests. Enrique brings vast experience, and an excellent work ethic, to every repair project. In addition to his technical skills, Enrique’s enthusiastic & positive attitude brings fun & laughter to our company’s culture.

Enrique has been a resident of Santa Barbara since 1989. He appreciates the beauty and fantastic weather of our area. Enrique, his wife, and three daughters take every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. They often go biking or skateboarding at the beach, and they also enjoy taking drives to the mountains for family picnics.

“It is satisfying to be able to solve problems at our properties to ensure that our Guests’ vacations go smoothly. It is also great to be part of a company that values teamwork. I especially enjoy traveling to our properties, because it gives me an opportunity enjoy the beauty of our area every day!”


Joey Neal

Property Services Technician

Joey possesses job skills that are perfectly suited for a position in Property Services. With over 20 years experience in HVAC and other technical service industries, Joey is an experienced troubleshooter & problem solver. He also brings a positive “can-do” attitude that results in most property issues being resolved quickly & efficiently.

Joey has been a resident of the Santa Barbara area since 1975, and for over 40 years he has enjoyed our area and community. His favorite activities are hiking, biking, surfing, fishing and camping. Over the years, Joey has watched our little town grow to what it is today; the beautiful & tranquil destination cherished by so many travelers.

"I feel blessed to be with a company that is so connected and grounded in our history, and that provides a way to share our area with traveling families. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the opportunity to be part of Paradise Retreats. I am committed to serving our Guests with the best service I can provide”

Housekeeping Services


Otilia Rodriguez

Rodriguez Cleaning Services

Otilia has been working with Paradise Retreats since it was founded in 2007. During this time, she has proven herself to be a consummate professional, and her company operates at the highest levels of integrity and work performance.

Her company’s primary mission is to restore homes back to their pristine condition after Guest checkouts, and she brings 30+ years’ worth of commercial & residential cleaning experience to that mission! Her team includes 15 full-time & seasonal employees, and now includes a new generation of leaders: her daughter & son-in-law, Jazmin & Giacomo, who are confident to lead the company to even higher levels of success.

Otilia has been a resident of Santa Barbara since 1985. She loves to hike the front-country trails of Montecito, enjoys walks on the beach, or sometimes is happiest simply sitting in her backyard enjoying a nice cup of coffee on a Sunday morning!

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Paradise Retreat journey since 2007. I’ve seen the company go from a single home in Montecito to becoming the leading luxury property management company in the Santa Barbara area. It brings me great joy to provide perfectly cleaned homes for Guests from all over the world.”


Susana Garcia

Villas Cleaning

Susana has been working with Paradise Retreats, since 2010.

After proving her competence with just a few homes, Susana has grown to be an important service provider for Paradise Retreats. Her commitment to excellence, combined with her effective leadership of her cleaning teams, has resulted in her being an invaluable service provider.

When she is not working, Susana enjoys spending quality family time with her husband, her 3 kids and her 5 grandchildren. When work slows down, she loves traveling to Oaxaca, Mexico to visit her family, and also to Seattle, Washington to visit her granddaughter.

“It's not an easy job, but making these already-beautiful homes look spectacular is something I truly enjoy. I definitely couldn't do it without the help of my valued staff: Paty, Nayeli, Glenda, Sandra, Rocio and Carolina!”


Elvia Diaz

SY Valley Housekeeping Professionals

Elvia’s company has been working with Paradise Retreats since 2008. Elvia and her team are valued for their impeccable work ethic, and for their high standards. Elvia’s company provides “post check-out” housekeeping services, but they also specialize in the “deep-cleaning” services required to bring new properties up to Paradise Retreats’ standard of cleanliness.

Elvia moved to Santa Barbara, CA from Guadalajara, Mexico in 1969, and has never looked back! Even after all these years, she still admires the beauty of Santa Barbara, and is proud to have made it her permanent home.

Elvia is happily married with 2 beautiful daughters. They all love their dog Milo (the most spoiled member of the family!). When Elvia is not working, she enjoys family brunches, family walks with Milo, and volunteering at her church.

“I strive to keep the homes as clean as the day they were first offered as a rental through Paradise Retreats. My goal is to always do the very best in everything I do, no matter the task: small or large. It brings me great joy when my team & I exceed our Guests’ expectations.”


David Cohen

Anacapa Cleaning

Anacapa Cleaning is a locally owned residential cleaning service that has been serving the Santa Barbara area since 2003. Their reputation is built on attention to detail, and a consistent level of excellent service.

Paradise Retreats has learned to trust David & his professional staff to get the job done right every time. They regularly exceed our Guests’ expectations for cleanliness & organization of our properties.

“Working with Paradise Retreats has been easy because both of our companies share a commitment to excellence in everything we do. We appreciate their professionalism, organization, and clear communication about check-out dates and special scheduled cleanings”

Our Charities

Paradise Retreats cares about community, both locally and globally. The organizations below were hand-picked by members of our Management Team. Each one benefits directly from monthly donations made by Paradise Retreats.

Sponsored By Theo Kracke
Sponsored By Becky Kracke
Sponsored By Angelica Furstenburg
Sponsored By Justin Millsaps
Sponsored By Justin Millsaps
Sponsored By Tera Neumann
Sponsored By Kimberly Mitchell