Awesome Santa Barbara Rainy Day Activities

Awesome Santa Barbara Rainy Day Activities

California-and Santa Barbara in particular-is known for incredible weather year-round. However, like other cities on the west coast, Santa Barbara can still receive the occasional rain shower that might reduce your time outdoors for the day. When that happens, do not let it ruin your day; instead, find some fun activities to do indoors in the city! Here are some awesome Santa Barbara rainy day activities to enjoy:

Find the Museums

Santa Barbara is a city rich with history that can easily be explored in one of the many museums nearby, whether it is exploring the natural history of the region or the art movements that have occurred locally. You can find an educational, yet exciting activity at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. This museum is next to the historic Old Mission, so you cannot miss it. You will be able to interact with unique exhibits that will keep you and the kids busy for hours. They will come out knowing so much more about the local fauna and flora from Southern California. Or make a visit to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, where you can learn and view the different pieces of art that come from all over the world. History has never been so exciting!

Catch a Flick

There is nothing wrong with catching your favorite film on the big screen during your vacation. The Riveria Theatre is a single-screen theatre that plays independent films from all over the world. The hip teenager in your family will be thrilled to try something different. Or if the latest summer blockbuster is more your style, you can catch screenings every hour at the Arlington Theatre in its historic location downtown.

Grab a Bite to Eat

Of course, with Santa Barbara being so close to the ocean, you can expect to find all kinds of freshly caught seafood at nearby restaurants. After enjoying some of the many Santa Barbara rainy day activities available, grab a bite to eat! For fine Italian dining, check out Toma Restaurant and Bar and their incredible harbor views. Other local favorites include Los Agaves, Bouchon, Mony's Mexican Food, and more.

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