Best Dessert in Santa Barbara to Beat the Summer Heat

Best Dessert in Santa Barbara to Beat the Summer Heat

Stop in for a Bite of the Best Dessert in Santa Barbara

McConnell's Fine Ice Creams is like a well-beloved local ice cream shop, conveniently located in downtown Santa Barbara. They have 22 deliciously different flavors to choose from, made with local ingredients. Even the waffle cones here are homemade, and their Santa Barbara Strawberry is the best you'll ever have.

Rori's Artisanal Creamery is also a great choice if you want something cooling and classic like vanilla bean, milk chocolate ice cream, or root beer float. Or, you can get experimental with your flavor palate. Try unique and unparalleled flavors like the black pepper pistachio or the cinnamon toast cereal crunch! This is definitely the best dessert in Santa Barbara to try this summer.

Take It with You to the Beach

Summerland Beach is a good choice for a dessert in Santa Barbara for a relaxing day where you just want to lay around and soak up the sun, maybe do a little tanning, maybe do a lot of swimming. The water is perfect, and the landscape is breathtaking.

Leadletter Beach is the beach you'll want to go to if you're eager for activities to cool you down and keep you active at the same time! This beach is perfect for surfing, boogie boarding, and stand-up paddle boarding. Water sports enthusiasts will want to make sure to hit Leadletter while you're here. This place also has some of the best desserts in Santa Barbara!

Butterfly Beach is a west-facing beach, and therefore the best beach to stick around until sunset because while you swim, you'll get a front-row view of the sun going down.

When You're Done Swimming, Chill Out at the Best Beachside Bar

Beachside Bar-Cafe sits right on the water and offers you the best view of Goleta Beach no matter what time of day you decide to stop in. Slip away from the Pacific for an hour or two to cool down indoors during their Mon-Fri Happy Hour 3:00 - 8:00 pm, and all day on Saturday and Sunday. $5 draught beer, $6 well drinks, and $7 margaritas-you can't beat those prices when they're right on the water with an ocean view! And while you're enjoying your drink, snack on some of the to-die-for cold seafood appetizers, like fresh ceviche or ahi poke. When you're finished, you'll want to head down to the gorgeous Goleta Beach, which offers you a pier, bike paths, and water sports rentals to fill out the remainder of the day with as much summer fun as you can pack into the daylight hours.

Spend Your Summer in Santa Barbara

When you come to Santa Barbara for the summer, you'll want the best Paradise Retreats home to stay in while you're here. Get in touch with us at (805) 275-1851 to get started on finding your perfect summer rental! Learn more about us now!