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Too many options can be a problem in choosing a vacation rental. So, narrow it down by browsing our vacation rentals in Santa Barbara by type! We’ve got beach houses, condos, and gorgeous vacation homes for rent in Santa Barbara that will make you feel like Riviera royalty. Just click on the option below and see which locations we offer! Vacation rentals in Santa Barbara are for everyone! Our luxury vacation homes for rent in Santa Barbara exceed expectations in every aspect. They are architecturally astounding and stunningly extravagant at the same time. Furthermore, you can find everything from a single-bedroom rental to an expansive, multi-building house! As a result, you can not only get amenities such as stocked kitchens or private washers, but you can also choose onsite options such as concierge services, private chefs, and proximity to the best local attractions.

While finding your perfect rental, sort it based on price, number of bedrooms, and more. Select a style and find the perfect luxury vacation rental in Santa Barbara!