The Santa Barbara Symphony

The Santa Barbara Symphony

Vacations are about trying something new, whether it be a new adventure, a new restaurant, or even a destination you have never before explored! Maybe you have never dipped your toes in the ocean before, it is possible you have never tasted sushi, or quite possibly you have never been to the symphony before, and when you started planning your upcoming trip to Santa Barbara, you decided to change all of those things! Life is more fun when you take chances and this guide to the Santa Barbara Symphony will give you the opportunity to explore the musical side of our beautiful California hometown as you explore all the comforts found in our Paradise Retreats vacation escapes!

The History of the Santa Barbara Symphony

The local symphonies in towns and states all over the United States bring beauty to life and peace to the souls of all who experience their music and although our Santa Barbara Symphony is not the oldest in the nation (that honor lies with the New York Philharmonic which first began in 1842) the passion we feel for our music is perhaps greater than you could ever understand. Since 1953 their mission has been to "enrich the lives of Santa Barbara residents" and, of course, all who visit our coastal town. Their beginnings may have been small, starting out under the direction of Adolphe Frezin, renowned cellist of the times, today they offer more than just incredibly talented performances that will make you experience every emotion, they also offer music education, bringing the love of music to children as the years go by!

Passion and Dedication

Today, the Symphony is one of the most important institutions in nature and the passion for music and the dedication of the Santa Barbara Symphony orchestra ;that plays so beautifully offers the world is evident in every note being played. The Granada, the building they call home, has celebrated entertainment since it opened as a movie palace in 1924 and offers the perfect atmosphere and acoustics for the music they make. Offering a historic charm with its cathedral ceilings, gilded accents, and its old-world beauty, visitors can lose themselves in the stories being told with nothing more than a wave of the baton and the soaring notes of the most talented performers in the world.

The Shows

The Symphony is celebrating its 70the anniversary in the 2022/2023 season, and this year promises to be the best yet, providing a blend of cultures, style, and community collaboration that makes every performance even more special. Offering guest conductors, celebrating the classics, and providing especially moving performances in celebration of turning 70 in May, each show promises to bring listeners a new awareness and love of the music from all centuries. Each new season begins in October and ends in June, so if your California visit takes place outside those months, you may want to plan a second visit so you can experience the spectacular sounds of the Santa Barbara Symphony. Their New Year's Eve performance for 2023 earned rave reviews, making listeners feel all the feels as they performed music from years gone past with guest conductor Bob Bernhardt and soprano Mela Dailey and their last performance in 2023 is titled An Evening with Sinatra, featuring Tony DeSare singing and playing the piano and conducted by the current conductor of the Symphony, Nir Kabaretti, an Israeli conductor who has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Every minute will be your favorite, no matter which shows you watch and when you leave, not just at the end of the show, but when you have to return home at the end of your magical vacation to Santa Barbara, you won't need to mourn the cessation of the music. Instead, you can continue to enjoy your newest obsession by turning to their YouTube channel or by following them on Spotify. And if you have questions about the symphony, the music they perform, or symphony music in general, visit their website download their Newcomer's Guide, and discover the answers to any questions you may have in the pages of the guide!

The Beauty of Santa Barbara

The beauty of Santa Barbara is often reflected in the music played by the Santa Barbara Symphony orchestra and although a symphony performance may not change the world, it will definitely change the way you look at the world and listen to the music! And when the last notes fade away into the night, coming home to our Paradise Retreats vacation escapes will take away that feeling of emptiness, perhaps encouraging you to check out what other performances you may have missed on their YouTube channel, high-speed internet will make listening to the music easy and fulfilling. Contact us to reserve your favorite escape today!