Santa Barbara

Vacation Rentals by Amenity

What makes vacation rentals so much better than hotels? Well, besides the extra privacy and better deal, it’s the amenities! Whatever feature you want most in our Santa Barbara vacation rentals, here’s where you can make that the priority. All of our Paradise Retreats properties are exceptionally safe, regularly cleaned, and you will enjoy more privacy as they are more isolated than hotels. Rather than sort by locationtype, or number of bedrooms, you can focus on a particular attribute and narrow down your search.

Beach houses for rent with spas are exactly what they sound like. These rentals let run out to the waves all day long, an then return home to the spa! Our Santa Barbara beach houses with pools are perfect for those who love water. You can enjoy the privacy of your own pool while still loving the ocean views and the sounds of waves. If you’re not looking to stay too long, browse out Santa Barbara weekly rentals. Our Summerland and Ventura Beach rentals showcase our rental homes in nearby towns. Even without the name “Santa Barbara”, they still enjoy the beautiful weather, ocean views, and top-quality Paradise Retreat management. Santa Barbara rental homes are calling your name!