Santa Barbara

Vacation Rentals by Bedrooms

The first thing that comes to mind when planning a vacation is, who is coming along? Will it be you and that special someone? A private retreat? The guys, or the girlfriends? Whatever the case is, Paradise Retreats has you covered! We can help you with everything you need during your stay. In Paradise Retreats all of our properties are exceptionally safe, regularly cleaned, and you will enjoy more privacy as they are more isolated than hotels. In addition to our amazing amenities, our Santa Barbara California vacation rentals accommodate for as many as ten people! Therefore, start searching for a vacation rental based on either size or location or price, and find your perfect California vacation rental.

So in conclusion, how will you vacation: intimate, or extravagant? Certainly, in a city as marvelous as Santa Barbara, it can be whatever you want! Home and Condo rentals in Santa Barbara are calling your name! Click below to book yourself a gorgeous home!