Snorkeling in Santa Barbara

Snorkeling in Santa Barbara

Grab your flippers, wetsuit, and snorkel and get ready for some fun! Snorkeling in Santa Barbara is a great activity for everyone, singles, couple, and families alike. The marine life of the ocean is like an alternate world, filled with wonder. It's a great way to see ocean life in a way that's not possible from the open air.

Santa Barbara Snorkeling Supplies

The waters of Santa Barbara are in the low 70s, packing a chill on days that aren't sunny. For this reason, a wetsuit is essential to keep your body warm. Goggles will keep your vision clear and allow you to see a lot farther than you could with your natural eyesight. Flippers will help propel you across the waters with subtle movements, allowing a comfortable glide to observe what lies under the sea. Finally, the snorkel is the fundamental piece to allow you to breathe while submerged. This is a wondrous invention as it allows you to essentially live underwater, without having to come up for air! All this gear can be acquired at your local snorkeling shops and you should expect to pay around $30.

See the Sites

There are a lot of landmarks of beauty in the ocean, and different beaches have different appeals. Depending on where you pick up your gear, ask around for the best spot to go snorkeling. You want to find a place with steady water so waves don't fill your breathing tube. Lagoons and oases are optimal, not only for their still environments but also for their beauty. Expect to see a lot of sea plants, fish, and crustaceans ae" maybe rays too! This isn't scuba diving, so you won't see coral, but you won't even miss it.

Under the Sea

Snorkeling in Santa Barbara is so popular that there are plenty of tours and classes. Truth Aquatics, for instance, takes participants to Santa Cruz Island for a day trip of seeing the sites. Here you have the comfort of experts around in case you have gear issues, and you know you'll be able to ask questions about what you see.

Santa Barbara Paddling offers adventures to the Channel Island. The advantage here is the location is especially clean, allowing you to see more of the ocean life. Plus, on this trip, you can easily switch to other activities like kayaking, but more on that in other places of the site. Check their website for info on prices and their agenda.

Adventure Made Easy

Snorkeling is a great entry level experience. Don't hesitate to try it out, it's easy! If you have any questions about Santa Barbara snorkeling, feel free to contact us at Paradise Retreats - we are here to provide the best vacation rental experience possible! Check out today at this incredible vacation rental, our Carpinteria Dreamin' house!