Santa Barbara Fitness & Pilates

Santa Barbara Fitness & Pilates

While on a vacation in Santa Barbara, it might be hard to imagine people working or exercising here, as the beautiful beaches and weather make it seem like a land of complete and utter relaxation. But it is actually a bustling community with plenty of both. There is no shortage of places to get a good workout in, whether you want to hit the bag at a boxing gym, lift some weights, do some yoga, take part in some Santa Barbara Pilates. Here are some of the best places to get a practice your fitness in Santa Barbara

Great Workouts

Key 2 Fitness is a charming gym in Santa Barbara that has an incredible selection of workout equipment and classes. This gym offers a break from the overcrowded and generic corporate gyms, providing a unique environment that is always clean and well-functioning. Most of the patrons here are locals and have some sort of monthly membership, but Key 2 Fitness encourages visitors to get a sweat going with day and week passes, which can be purchased from $15 to $35.

CrossFit is a huge trend right now, simply because it gives you an amazing workout. You can get one of the best takes on this exercise at CrossFit Innate in Santa Barbara. Here you will find passionate coaches who provide difficult classes in a very motivational and accepting environment. There are plenty of classes for people of all skill levels, so there is no reason that you will not enjoy this incredible workout experience. Trust us; when it comes to fitness in Santa Barbara, you won't do much better!

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Santa Barbara Pilates

Fit Buddha is a gym that provides one of the most interesting takes on Pilates in Santa Barbara that you will find anywhere. This gym is a local favorite because of the friendly instructors and the high-energy classes that they teach. They offer a range of classes that are sure to offer a little something for everyone. Many of these classes incorporate the Megaformer workout machine, which has ushered in a new form of Pilates. With these machines, patrons strengthen their core and burn fat, building lean muscle without a lot of bulk. There are various class packages that offer prices ranging from $5 to $12 per class.

Pulse fitness in Santa Barbara is another unique gym that blends traditional Pilates with modern cardio exercises. Here, you are guaranteed to quickly improve your core strength and physique in a fun environment. There is a wide range of classes to choose from, so you should try a couple to find the perfect one for you. You can find classes that range from $10 to $20 each.

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This small list does not begin to scratch the surface of the countless exercise options that you have in Santa Barbara. Make sure you are ready to hit the beach by taking part in any of these gyms for a fun and challenging workout. Make sure to check out today at this incredible vacation rental, our Los Arboles Ranch house. Contact us today, browse our rental specials, and book a stay in one of our available vacation villas and rentals!