Your Complete Santa Barbara Guide

Your Complete Santa Barbara Guide

There's something in the air in Santa Barbara. It's the salty freshness that gives this seaside city its unique style. And once you experience sunset on the beach and enjoy its street cuisines, you'll know what Santa Barbara is all about. Like all hidden gems, it will take time to explore this coastal city and get a taste of its true beauty. We've created a useful Santa Barbara guide so that you don't have to miss out on any of its beauties.

Santa Barbara guide - Coastal Hikes and Beaches

The beaches here have their own distinct character. The water is pristine, the beaches are quieter and prettier than anywhere else, and the whole family can relax and enjoy a day on the beach. Carpinteria is by far the most popular destination for beachgoers in Santa Barbara. The beaches stretch for miles and you can enjoy a refreshing hike early in the morning that will set the tone for the rest of the day.

Various Museums

No matter what your interest or hobby is, there's bound to be a museum that caters for it. Santa Barbara hosts a plethora of museums to satisfy every taste. The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History specializes in paleontology, animal life, and Native American cultures. The Santa Barbara Museum of Art covers the art scene in the area from ancient times to the current day. This is one of our top things to visit in our Santa Barbara guide!

The Wine Country

Of course, you can't possibly visit Santa Barbara and neglect to visit its vibrant wine scene. Whether you drive there or take a tour, the Wine Country is a popular destination for people who appreciate their wine. Wine tastings open the doors for new flavors and brands that you probably never heard of. By the end of the day, you'll have known a lot more about wine and ready to apply that knowledge come dinner time.


Naturally, you'll want to do some shopping. What's a vacation without splurging on souvenirs and trinkets? Luckily, you'll find everything you need here, from big brands to specialty shops. Don't forget to check the local art galleries as well!


Golfing and landscapes go hand in hand. You might even consider taking in the great views as part of the sport. And since Santa Barbara is famous for its great natural landscape, the golf courses offer a golfing experience that will appeal to both the beginner and the experienced player.

While Santa Barbara is packed with activities and attractions, this short Santa Barbara guide will put you on the right path. For more information on things to do in the area and to book your stay, call us today!