What to See and Do in Santa Barbara this Fall

What to See and Do in Santa Barbara this Fall

It's no secret that we love our town, and when you're thinking of taking a fall vacation, we sincerely hope you choose Santa Barbara as the location (and of course, Paradise Retreats for your vacation accommodations!). In our minds, there is no better place on earth to celebrate the end of summer and beginning of cool days, cooler nights, and the taste of pumpkin spice everything! And to help you, our treasured guests, to enjoy your Santa Barbara vacation to the fullest, we are about to share five secrets that will help you know what to see and do in Santa Barbara this Fall!

Fly High in the Sky at Sunset

Imagine getting the chance to fly in a hot air balloon (tethered to the ground), enjoy a gourmet meal with wine, and follow it up with a dance party and a tribute to Stevie Wonder, all while doing a good deed. The Santa Barbara Glow in the Park event does all this and more! Held at Elings Park at sunset on September 16th, the proceeds of this wondrous event will be donated to Doctors Without Borders, allowing you to have a good time and do something worthy!

Share a Box of Chocolates with Your Family

Twenty-Four Blackbirds, a chocolate shop specializing in hand-made artisan chocolates, will tell you that fall is the perfect time to enjoy their one of a kind treats. Not so hot as to melt in your hands, wasting perfectly wonderful chocolate, and not so cold that it freezes the milky goodness, fall and chocolate go hand in hand. Located at 428 East Haley Street, the chocolates made here will change your life!

Pop Open a Cold One

Every season is the perfect season for a craft beer, and the California Brew Festival, taking place at Chase Palm Park on October 7th, offers a multitude of opportunities to sample some of the best brews in the nation! Food, music, and of course, the beers from over 40 local breweries, make this event one that remains close to our heart!

Sample a Taste of the Town

Traveling foodies will be thrilled to learn that they can visit Santa Barbara pretty much anytime during September and October and enjoy a taste of the town. Epicurean festivals abound, including the Santa Barbara Harbor & Seafood Festival on October 14! Offering everything from lemons to seafood to wine and beer, no visitor goes home hungry in the fall in Santa Barbara.

Shine your Light at Home

There's no need to go out to have a perfect time when you're staying in paradise-one of our Paradise Retreats luxury escapes, that is! Take a nap in the middle of the day, stay up all night, and spend your in-between hours enjoying the simple moments that make the most magical memories in homes that are designed to be lived in. Check our beautiful rental homes and reserve your stay today!