Top Santa Barbara Fishing Spots

Top Santa Barbara Fishing Spots

One of the most popular pastimes year-round with locals and tourists in Santa Barbara is fishing. The Large Santa Barbara Channel is the perfect location to reel in big catches and have a relaxing day at your favorite fishing hole. Several spots in Santa Barbara have become more popular for their abundance of fish and higher likelihood to reel in a big one. Here are the top Santa Barbara fishing spots:

Arroyo Burro Beach Park

One of the most popular beach parks in Santa Barbara can be found at Arroyo Burro Beach Park. Also known as Hendry's Beach, this local attraction allows you to watch the sunset, go swimming, learn to surf, go whale watching, and last but not least have fun fishing. Many locals enjoy fishing at Arroyo Burro due to how easy it is to get there and set up your gear. While you can easily fish right off the coast, you will have even more luck trying to land your big catch further out in the water.

Refugio State Beach

A short trip down the coast will land you at Refugio State Beach, another incredible coastal fishing spot. Refugio State Beach is more tropical looking thanks to the local palm trees and has lifeguards on site year-round to protect any swimmers. While the beach is narrow, you can toss your line in from any point. Make sure to watch out for snorkelers in the water as the beach is a popular swimming destination.

Cachuma Lake

Not all fishing done in Santa Barbara is off the Santa Barbara Channel. In fact, incredible fishing conditions can be found year round nearby at Cachuma Lake. This lake is one of the finest fishing locations in all of Southern California with a deep and rocky topography that allows plenty of room for the fish to thrive. Fish are replenished each year by the state, giving the lake plenty of "catchables" and trophies for you to reel in. Cachuma Lake is known for its rainbow trout, largemouth bass, and catfish; the current record for a catfish trophy is at over 32 pounds!

Enjoy Your Santa Barbara Fishing Excursion

These are just a few of the incredible fishing locales you can enjoy when visiting Santa Barbara. Remain comfortable between your fishing excursions in our luxury vacation rentals found around Santa Barbara. You will have plenty of room in the gourmet kitchens to cook up your catch of the day. Contact us today and let us find you the perfect rental for your Santa Barbara getaway today!