The Best Coffee Shops in Santa Barbara

The Best Coffee Shops in Santa Barbara

Everyone loves the beach. The sand, the weather, and the environment all go great on your vacation. But no matter where our vacation takes us, the one thing that stays constant is our unstoppable craving for a morning cup of coffee. Santa Barbara is the perfect place to enjoy both the crisp warm weather and a great cup of coffee. We have put a list together of the best coffee shops in Santa Barbara to enjoy during your next vacation.

The French Press

The French Press is one of the most popular coffee shops in the Santa Barbara area, and for good reason. Along with quality craft coffee, they offer a wide variety of different brewing styles and pastries to complement the coffee selections. They strive to carefully craft every coffee and pastry to meet the highest standards. They offer both inside and outside seating for you to enjoy your coffee however you like it.

Santa Barbara Roasting Company

Also known as RoCo, The Santa Barbara Roasting Company is known for its unique blends and roasts. You can choose what beans to use in your coffee and they will select and grind them right in front of you. The choices continue with a variety of different brewing methods to make sure you are able to get the best flavors out of their amazing beans. If you are looking for plenty of options, RoCo is the place for your next cup.

Vices and Spices

Vices and Spices is a boutique-style cafe that has been in business for 35 years. The quaint and unique atmosphere complements the amazing service and selection to this little shop. On top of their delicious coffee options is a variety of drinks, teas, and pastries that pair so nicely together. They also refuse to provide Wifi and instead offer a variety of board games to help you connect personally rather than digitally.

Handlebar Coffee Roasters and More Coffee Shops in Santa Barbara

Run by a local couple, Handlbar Coffee Roasters offers coffees from around the world. They have beans from Ethiopia, Colombia and Guatemala, but will feature a variety from all corners of the globe. Along with their craft drinks, they also sell biking apparel, shirts and mugs that will give you something to share when you get home.

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