Casual Dining Spots in Santa Barbara

Casual Dining Spots in Santa Barbara

If the gorgeous view of a coastal California city is drawing you to make your next vacation plan, you have numerous exciting options to make it happen. For a happening city with history, culture, entertainment, and gourmet food against the backdrop of mesmerizing Pacific Ocean, you can consider visiting the popular city of Santa Barbara. This Central California city is loved by tourists as it has a long list of attractive things to do. After relaxing on the beach or strolling the majestic downtown with signature architecture, you can relish appetizing cuisines in a wide variety of restaurants in Santa Barbara. When you search for recommendations for your next meal in Santa Barbara, you will be surprised by the endless list that follows. From classic American to modern contemporary, gourmet seafood to Italian delicacy, Mexican wonders to fusion surprises, the food scene is filled with loads of exciting options. This city definitely takes care of your stomach and mind by filling your itinerary with the right mix of activities.

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After exploring and deciding the right accommodation for your party, you can check out the dining options for a clear idea. We are absolutely sure that deciding the perfect place for your meal may turn into a challenging task due to the plenty of incredible options.

Finch & Fork

Pick this gourmet spot for an exciting breakfast or brunch and you can enjoy a fun-filled day at the beach. This place has great options of traditional and contemporary breakfast choices with locally sourced ingredients. The recipes have a signature modern twist that makes every dish unique and equally tempting. You can expect to play with flavors and unique items while ordering any dish from the list. Some of the popular items include deviled eggs, Santa Barbara eggs benedict, avocado toast with scrimp, and a selection of mouthwatering milkshakes.

The Lark

Head to this vibrant dining spot for a casual American dinner. You will need time to browse through the menu, featuring a list of exciting choices. All the recipes are made with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients from the Central coast, ensuring an authentic experience made with attention to detail. There are numerous options of entrees, cocktails, and desserts, making it a perfect choice for everyone in your group.

Brophy Bros - Santa Barbara

If the theme of your party is seafood, visit Brophy Bros for a remarkable dining experience. Situated on the dock in the Santa Barbara harbor, this spot will take you to the heart of all the action. A famous spot among locals and tourists, this family-owned restaurant has many amazing items on the menu. Some popular items include fried shrimp, Dungeness crab cocktail, oysters, grilled white sea bass, mahi-mahi, and much more. You can relish the local catch with some special items all year round.

Boathouse at Hendry's Beach

Find your fix for seafood and American cuisine at this popular beachfront restaurant. Admire the calm Pacific Ocean while sampling some exotic dishes. The spot is well known for its delicious recipes of local seafood. For an unforgettable experience of seafood, you can relish local lobster, ridgeback shrimp, steamed crab, fried calamari, fish tacos, seafood pasta, seared ahi tuna, and many more items to follow.

Finney's Crafthouse

For a gastropub with a varied selection of cocktails and liquor, head to the famous Finney's Crafthouse in the city. The food menu is equally appetizing as it has many delicious choices both for quick bites and fulfilling entrees. Customers relish the mahi-mahi tacos, Finney's artisanal flatbread, truffle burger, coconut scrimp, buffalo cauliflower, and many more delicacies.

Los Agaves

Satisfy your craving for authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine at the Los Agaves. The menu is filled with a wide variety of appetizing options from starters to entrees to drinks. Sample different types of tacos with mouthwatering fillings or relish the gourmet spread of enchiladas - the varied menu will definitely force you to think. Some popular options include Agave Burrito, Tacos del mar, quesadilla, bean and rice burrito, and much more.

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Best Casual Restaurants in Santa Barbara

You will not run out of choices for memorable meals at these casual restaurants in Santa Barbara during your stay. There are incredible spots to relish many varieties of gourmet food. Find comfortable accommodations at Paradise Retreats and make the most of your time away from home. The relaxing vibes of the beach and comfortable ambiance of the luxury vacation rental will turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience.