Best Breakfast Restaurants in Santa Barbara

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Santa Barbara

One of our favorite things about any of the meals prepared in California is knowing that our chefs and cooks have learned to combine healthy with delicious. Bland, boring, and tasteless is not in their vocabulary, as is evidenced by the list of breakfast restaurants you will find below! Serving organic and locally sourced meals, these restaurants have made it their mission to keep us healthy while doing their best to keep the environment healthy as well, ensuring that the beauty of Santa Barbara (and our own trim waistlines!) stays around for years to come.

Scarlett Begonia, 11 West Victoria Street #10

Serving coastal specialties like shrimp and grits and land lubber specials such as steak and eggs, Scarlett Begonia offers hearty meals made out of the freshest ingredients. The Lemon Ricotta Pancakes featured on their weekend brunch menu will change your life-they certainly have changed ours! Their menu changes with the season, so if something we mention here isn't available, it's not us; it's them!

Garrett's Old-Fashioned Restaurant, 2001 State Street

Ok, we must confess: We chose this restaurant as one of our favorites because it DOESN'T offer the stereotypical California style meals. Garrett's Old-Fashioned Restaurant serves fluffy pancakes, crisp bacon, and biscuits and gravy prepared like your country grandma would make it. We LOVE it, as will you!

Dawn Patrol, 324 State Street

This new-ish breakfast spot has rapidly become THE spot to eat in a town where a restaurant's popularity rises and sets like the California sun! Featuring organic coffee and a juice bar, house-made muffins, and breakfast burritos created with over-easy eggs instead of the standard scrambled, they label themselves as a hash house and offer a Build-a-Hash option that ensures your hash breakfast is exactly the one you've been craving!

Shoreline Beach Cafe, 801 Shoreline Drive

Our favorite cure for indigestion is a trip to the beach and a breakfast from Shoreline Beach Cafe served right to your table in the sand. Enjoy an egg white scramble with your blue skies, or huevos rancheros served to the tune of the ocean's waves crashing against the beach! There's yet to be a meal we haven't loved at this unique breakfast spot!

Breakfast in Paradise

Because we offer a private chef as one of the many luxury amenities available for your Paradise Retreats luxury vacation home stay, you can have a gourmet breakfast without leaving the house! Enjoy your favorite breakfast prepared, served, and cleared away by someone other than you in the comfort of your own vacation escape. Living the good life is easy when you vacation in paradise-reserve yours today!