5 Post 4th of July Healthy Restaurants in Santa Barbara

5 Post 4th of July Healthy Restaurants in Santa Barbara

Struggling with your post 4th of July food coma? Try some of these healthy restaurants in Santa Barbara! You'll feel refreshed and fully of energy after you eat at any of these healthy locations!

Savoy Cafe & Deli

Savoy has every kind of healthy option you can imagine on their menu: organic veggies, organic grains, organic dairy, nitrate and hormone free meats, gluten free breads, and local eggs. Their salad bar, sandwiches, and pastries include these healthy options and more!

Backyard Bowls

With a strong mission toward healthy foods, eco-friendly business, and locally sourced and organic fruits and veggies, Backyard Bowls is the perfect spot for a post 4th of July refresher. Grab one of their acai bowls, smoothies, or porridges!

Mesa Verde Restaurant

Try this Southwestern vegetarian favorite for brunch, lunch, or dinner. They have the trifecta of gluten free, vegan, and organic ingredients guaranteed to make your body feel a surge of energy, as well as your taste buds! Enjoy all of this in Mesa Verde's minimalist, plank-walled setting, or on its cozy patio.

Brasil Arts Cafe

Brazilian cuisine, gluten free options, organic acai, movement and fitness classes? Sounds exciting for a Santa Barbara healthy restaurant! Brasil Arts Cafe makes it so that you can enjoy your food with integrity and also have opportunities to work out, build community, and learn a new culture!

Kyle's Kitchen Downtown Santa Barbara

With locally sourced ingredients and a globally-inspired menu, Kyle's Kitchen will suit the whole family looking to ditch the 4th of July hotdogs and get some nutrients into their bodies! Even more inspiring, Kyle's Kitchen donates a portion of its proceeds to a special needs community organization. Can't beat making good health choices and giving back!

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