What Makes a Santa Barbara Getaway Great for the

What Makes a Santa Barbara Getaway Great for the The Holidays?

On one of the most beautiful stretches of California's coastline, you'll find Santa Barbara. Here, you'll get to enjoy not only the beauty of our beaches, but a tranquil vibe, mindful community, and historic architecture. A Santa Barbara getaway is great year-round, and with all the different things to do here, your holiday will be special and memorable.

Gorgeous Coastline Ready to Explore

In a world where the holiday months are often plagued with snow and gloom, a vibrant and sunny city like Santa Barbara (with its blue skies, temperate weather, and ocean views) is such a breath of fresh air. Enjoy the reduced crowds when visiting popular tourist sites, such as our miles of breathtaking gorgeous sandy beaches. See the golden cliffs, go biking, take a whale-watching tour, and eat your heart out on the finest of seafood! Santa Barbara is the place to be when the holidays roll around this year.

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Rich City Life Where Adventure Awaits

Ride the Santa Barbara Trolley and see the sights of the city! If you ride at night, you'll get to enjoy the magic of the lights and carols as you sip hot cider together. Looking for last-minute gifts? Or do you just love the positive energy that abounds during the holiday shopping season? Either way, you'll get to enjoy the European-style Santa Barbara Night Market while you're in town. This market is only open for 5 weeks starting on Black Friday, and during its run, you'll see culture and crafts and art galore, plus live entertainment and delicious food and craft beer!

Vibrant Community with Open Arms

The Santa Barbara area is the perfect place to spend your holiday because of our strong sense of community. This is reflected on every street corner, from our quaint seaside cafes like Shoreline Beach Cafe, all the way to our beautiful historical sites like the 18th century Mission Santa Barbara. From the smaller attractions like the Maritime Museum, all the way to the art powerhouses that define our city and make it a truly special holiday destination, like Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and our beloved Arlington Theatre.

You'll Love Your Santa Barbara Getaway

Your mornings in Santa Barbara will be filled with ocean sunrises and cafes by the seaside, your days with inland adventure and ocean fun, and your evenings with exciting city nightlife. End every day in the best of ways by staying with Paradise Retreats. Call us today and we'll help you book one of our beautiful vacation rentals for your Santa Barbara getaway! We offer a vast selection of properties, including vacation rentals with a pool.