Santa Barbara Thanksgiving

Santa Barbara Thanksgiving

Regardless of what time of year it is, you cannot go wrong with a visit to Santa Barbara, but this is especially true for the Thanksgiving holiday coming up. Not only can you enjoy all the things that visitors love about Santa Barbara, but many special events and a potent holiday spirit in the community as well. Regardless of your holiday traditions, you are sure to make Santa Barbara a part of future celebrations after just one visit. Below are some of the things that you will love about the Santa Barbara Thanksgiving holiday.

Fun Events

There are many exciting things going on over the Thanksgiving break in Santa Barbara, but one of the local favorites is the Thanksgiving Day Pumpkin Smash. This annual event takes place at the Santa Barbara Zoo and has become a must-see tradition. The premise of this great tradition is quite simple: give the animals pumpkins and see what happens. You can enjoy watching elephants toss them around playfully, while meercats make new homes out of them. This tradition offers fun for the whole family.

Santa Barbara Thanksgiving Dinner

Santa Barbara is a community that takes their cuisine very seriously. This dedication to amazing food is on full display during Thanksgiving, as there are countless unique restaurants that offer special holiday menus. For a take on Thanksgiving dinner that you can only find in California, visit Bouchon in downtown Santa Barbara. Fresh, local ingredients make these dishes amazing. For Thanksgiving dinner in a beautiful setting, visit the Harbor Restaurant on Stearns Wharf.

Everything You Love About Santa Barbara

It is also a great place to visit during Thanksgiving because it is a great place to visit all the time. You can expect no exception to the amazing weather that graces the city throughout the entire year. The beaches are as beautiful as ever, and this is actually the best time of year for waves in these cool Pacific waters. Beyond this, you can enjoy one of the best wine countries in the United States, exciting night life, and so much more.

Odds are, between family gatherings and epic feasts, you already have some great Thanksgiving traditions. But just imagine the new life that these festivities will take on in a place as beautiful as Santa Barbara. You can enjoy these traditions and a few new ones when you make this upcoming Santa Barbara Thanksgiving. After one experience here, you are sure to make it a point to spend every holiday here!