Make a Resolution During New Years in Santa Barbara!

Make a Resolution During New Years in Santa Barbara!

Looking for a new year's resolution that will pay off? Plan a vacation to Santa Barbara and book your stay with Paradise Retreats! Santa Barbara has endless activities to do and sights to see. Here are five reasons why enjoying New Year's in Santa Barbara is a resolution you could give yourself.


The beaches of Santa Barbara offer a variety of atmospheres for vacationers. Want to experience it all? Spend the day at East Beach. Here you can find a game of volleyball, numerous restaurants, check out the local zoo, or take a walk on the wharf. For a more private beach with less distractions, take a day to spend at El Capitan State Beach; this is where you can bring a book and linger on the beach for hours with nothing but relaxation on your mind. Santa Barbara has a beach for just about anyone!


Sitting between the Pacific Ocean and the Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara offers incredible hikes and trails for all. Trails range from difficult hikes that take you to the highest lookout points to more relaxing and meditative paths. Nojoqui Falls is an example of a short trail (a .65-mile roundtrip) that leads to a beautiful 80-foot waterfall. Montecito Peak, on the other hand, boasts a height of 3, 214 feet; it's one the highest peaks in the Santa Ynez mountain range! This 7-mile roundtrip hike gives hikers a great view of Santa Barbara. These are just two examples of many other incredible trails and nature walks to explore. Find out what else is waiting for you on your trip!

Surf During New Year's in Santa Barbara

The surfing in Santa Barbara is nothing short of legendary. From killer breaks to famous surf films and surf legends (Pat Curren and Shaun Tomson just to name a few), Santa Barbara is a hub for surfing activity. The beaches and waves in Santa Barbara offer mild tides and moderate ocean temperatures. Experienced surfers can find some of the best breaks to ride, while those who just want to try it out are in good company with breaks for surfers of all levels. Sneak surfing into your itinerary for the new year!

Mexican Cuisine

There is no doubt that Santa Barbara offers a milieu of cuisine and culinary diversity, but one of the city's points of pride is the incredible Mexican food available, specifically tacos! To find the best tacos during New Year's in Santa Barbara, head to Milpas Street. Here, you'll find local favorites. You want to be in the know about the most authentic tacos. Places like Taqueria Bajio and Taqueria La Colmena will tickle your taste buds! For fresh Mexican seafood dishes, you'll want to visit Cesar's Place.

Wine Country

Santa Barbara boasts a wine country filled with wine tastings and winery tours, as well as restaurants and farmers' markets to compliment them. Find wonder in the nuanced tastes of each wine and beauty in the surrounding vineyards. Take a whole day and sip your way into a Santa Barbara wonderland of wine. Learn from some of the great wineries, such as Fess Parker Winery and Vineyard and Sanford Winery. Santa Barbara is begging you to add wine tasting to your resolutions list!

Resolve to Stay with Paradise Retreats

Paradise Retreats wants you to start off the new year with dreams you can make happen! As you decide to let a vacation to Santa Barbara be one of them, make sure you plan your stay with Paradise Retreats. We can provide a location that is accommodating, restful, and of the utmost quality. Choose to start and end your day with Paradise Retreats as you embark on a new 2017 adventure to Santa Barbara. Contact us today!