Labor Day 2020 Vacation to Santa Barbara

Labor Day 2020 Vacation to Santa Barbara

When you just can't wait to pack your bags and get out of town for a well-deserved Labor Day 2020 away, Santa Barbara, California promises to be the perfect destination choice. Nestled into the scenic California coast, Santa Barbara is a city brimming over with options for fun that range from incredible shopping and dining to landmark hopping and time spent immersed in natural beauty. Whether you're one for the water or find your thrills on land, Santa Barbara is waiting to welcome you this Labor Day. The following are just a few of many options to add to your itinerary when you're looking to round out the holiday fun in true California style this Labor Day in Santa Barbara.

This Labor Day in Santa Barbara, Hike Through Stevens Park

Whether you're traveling with the little ones this Labor Day or are simply looking for a charming destination where you can take to the trails and trek your way through an afternoon, Stevens Park is a great option. Located at 258 Canyon Drive, Stevens Park stretches over 25 acres of land and includes a maze of pathways to walk or run as well as a playground for the kids and a picnic area for those moments when you're ready for a delicious bite in the open air. Do note that parking is limited so those looking to make the most of a quiet hike may want to arrive in the early morning hours.

Bike Shoreline Park

When you're looking to participate in those activities over Labor Day that are quintessentially California, be sure to set aside some time to bike Shoreline Park during your visit. Found at Shoreline Drive and Santa Rosa Place, Shoreline Park extends 15 acres along the Pacific Ocean and makes for one of the most scenic routes imaginable to peddle your way through a day of fun. Feel free to take in the views and fresh air and when you're hoping to capture a moment or two, you'll want to be sure you have your phone or camera handy.


Santa Barbara enjoys amazing beaches that are ideal for the sunbathing enthusiast that makes their way to California over Labor Day but is also known for the stunning blue waters that lap the sand. For those that are excited to get out and experience the sights from a vantage point on the waves, setting aside time during your trip to paddleboard is sure to delight. This challenging, yet fun activity gives you every reason to work on your focus and balance but once you have the hang of it, provides just as much opportunity to settle in and savor the view.

Swim at Leadbetter Beach

Conveniently situated along Shoreline Drive, Labor Day visitors who love to get out and soak up the sun's rays from a spot on the sand will find every reason to indulge in moments at Leadbetter Beach. Open from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm daily, Leadbetter Beach is a popular stop thanks to its soft sands and gentle surf that make it an ideal place to hop into the water on a warm California day. It's just as well suited for those looking to encounter the best of underwater life so don't forget your snorkel gear when you land at Leadbetter Beach for the better part of an afternoon.

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Picnic at Alameda Park

If your Labor Day plans have you traveling with the entire family, there's no better way to bond than over a picnic lunch somewhere serene and scenic. When you're looking to make time for a fresh-air meal, head over to Alameda Park at 1400 Santa Barbara Street. This iconic destination sits next to the Alice Keck Memorial Gardens and covers more than two city blocks in total. Visitors will enjoy the collection of open green spaces dotted with tables and gazebos that are paired with towering palm trees and a bandstand. There's a large playground on-site for those little ones with some excess energy to burn while history buffs will appreciate the fact that Alameda Park is one of the oldest that Santa Barbara calls it's own.

Bird Spotting Along Romero Canyon Trail

Travelers to Santa Barbara looking to immerse themselves in the dynamic terrain while also taking time to appreciate the birdlife native to this area will enjoy time spent on the Romero Canyon Trail. This 5.5-mile loop is moderately challenging and provides scenery that includes rivers, canyons, and of course, opportunities to spot winged creatures at every turn. Bring your binoculars when you hit this trail which is also dog-friendly.

See You in California

Whether you travel over Labor Day or are making plans to head to Santa Barbara any other time of year, the team at Paradise Retreats will happily handle your accommodation details so you can focus on the fun. Contact us today to learn more about our many area rental options available.