Holidays in Santa Barbara California: 5 Reasons to Enjoy

Holidays in Santa Barbara California: 5 Reasons to Enjoy Columbus Day

You can never go wrong with a weekend trip to enjoy holidays in Santa Barbara California. The beaches always tend to be beautiful and the weather is always comfortable. However, many people think of this city as a summer destination. While that is true, it actually serves as one of the best vacation spots in the fall as well. This makes it the perfect place to plan your Columbus Day weekend trip this year. Here are a few reasons it will be a perfect place to spend this three-day weekend.

Unbeatable Weather

Santa Barbara is blessed with the best weather you can imagine, year-round. During early October when Columbus Day rolls around, you can expect temperatures in the day in the mid-70s and mid-50s in the evenings. You could not imagine better temperatures, as this allows for adventure during the day and a little nip in the air at night, perfect for curling up with a blanket next to a nice fire.

The California Brew Festival

This is the perfect event for Columbus Day weekend, as it is taking place on Saturday, October 7th. This is the ultimate festival, not only for lovers of beer, but for lovers of food, music, and great community energy. You can enjoy amazing beers from over 50 local breweries, musical performances from local and national acts, classic California cuisine, and so much more.

Wine Country

Many people do not realize that the Santa Barbara area is home to one of the most vibrant wine countries in the US. While it is always a good time for wine tastings in the Santa Ynez Valley just to the north of the city, there is no time more beautiful to visit than in early October. During this time, the hillsides are bursting with the amazing colors of fall. A more perfect setting for tasting these delicious wines could not be imagined.

Awesome Fishing

As Santa Barbara sits right on the Pacific Ocean, you can only imagine that the fishing here is incredible. And there is perhaps no better time to take advantage than in early October. During this time, some of the fish that like warmer waters are still hanging around, like yellowtail, but you also see a bunch of fish starting to bite like calico bass, rockfish, lingcod, and many more.

Find a Quiet Spot on the Beach for the Holidays in Santa Barbara, California

The Santa Barbara area is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the entire west coast of the United States. The beaches look as beautiful as always in the first couple weeks of October, and visitors can enjoy much smaller crowds during this time. This makes the beginning of October the perfect time to visit Santa Barbara for those that are looking for a peaceful day on a beautiful beach.

Santa Barbara is one of the best places to visit in California because of its amazing beauty, activities, and bustling culture. If you plan a fall trip to the city for your Columbus Day weekend, you will surely endeavor to make a yearly trip for holidays in Santa Barbara Columbus to come. Book a 4-bedroom vacation rental through Paradise Rentals today!