The Most Beautiful Santa Barbara Parks

The Most Beautiful Santa Barbara Parks

There are so many things to love about Santa Barbara, but getting outside should be the first on everyone's list! Between the beautiful weather and incredible scenery, time in this town is best spent enjoying it. The community is well aware of the blessings of this location and has created countless amazing parks to celebrate it. The following are the most beautiful Santa Barbara parks.

Arroyo Burro Beach County Park

This is the place to be in Santa Barbara, as it offers sandy beaches, grassy fields, and towering bluffs with the best views. Here, you will find six acres of pristine coast perfect for picnics, surfing, and just relaxing on the beach. You can find BBQ grills, picnic tables, restrooms, hiking trails, and places for food and drink. You can even bring your furry friends here! Find it just off of Cliff Drive near Hope Ranch.

Hale Park

Hale Park is a little slice of paradise amidst the neighborhoods of Santa Barbara. The beach is always a great place to go, but this place provides a nice change of scenery from that every once in a while. You will find open spaces as well as awesome little trails through endless oak trees. Come for a shady hike or a shady picnic and enjoy the beauty of this one-of-a-kind place. Find it at the intersection of Camino Viejo Rd and El Rancho Rd.

Parma Park

Upon entering Parma Park, you will feel as if you are not in a city, but an incredible wilderness. At over 200 acres, this is the largest park in Santa Barbara, and it offers a bit of everything-from oak woodlands to creeks and canyons. You can find secluded areas as well as spots offering amazing views of the city. Find it on Stanwood Dr. about a half of a mile east of the center of the city.

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