Outdoor Santa Barbara Adventures

Outdoor Santa Barbara Adventures

There are endless ways to enjoy your time in Santa Barbara, but our favorite things to do here will always be the outdoor Santa Barbara adventures you can find around the city if you know where to look. Just around the corner is your future Santa Barbara adventure. Let's take a look at what you'll find!

Go Surfing at Santa Barbara Harbor

This age-old sport has been around for centuries and centuries and it's not going away anytime soon. Surfing never gets old, and it's not too late to start if you've never surfed before either. Rent a board and take some lessons from Santa Barbara Surf School, then hit the waves at our local surfing hotspot, Santa Barbara Harbor. There are tons of seaside dining options in the area too, which you can enjoy after you've worked up an appetite out on the waves.

See the Whales with Captain Jack

Take a whale-watching tour this year in Santa Barbara with Captain Jack's Tours, which has does Wine Tours and Beer Tasting tours. You'll love getting away from the shore and being out on the open waters. Your breath will be taken away when you see the whales in their natural environment. There's nothing else like it, and it's a great photo opportunity as well, so don't forget your camera.

Explore Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

The flowers of California are one of the prettiest sights you'll see while you're here. Pay a visit to the lush Botanic Garden, which is a 78-acre showcase of some of the brightest and most memorable plants California has to offer. With everything from the ethereal coastal redwoods to desert cacti all viewable on the same magical hike, you'll feel like you're under a spell while you're exploring the walking trails in this garden.

Go Car-Free on Your Bike

For the truest outdoor experience, try going totally car-free while you're in town. Check out Santa Barbara Car-Free if you're into environmental activism and share their vision of a cleaner Santa Barbara-or, if you simply love biking! Pick up a bike map and map out your routes of the city and rent a bike from any number of rental shops, like Cruisers Paradise. After a fun-filled day of biking around the area, be sure to come home and relax in one of our vacation rentals with a private pool.

Start Your Santa Barbara Adventures with Paradise Retreats

You'll be so excited to explore the wild outdoors of Santa Barbara, and you'll be sighing with comfort in the evenings in your cozy and modern rental home. Get in touch with us today and we'll help you find the perfect rental home for you.