5 Fun Facts About Santa Barbara

5 Fun Facts About Santa Barbara

Most people know that Santa Barbara is a beautiful place with incredible weather year-round; however, that is often the extent of their knowledge. People who visit the area come to find that this is only the surface of what you will find. With each new exploration, you will find more and more to love about the area. Here are a few interesting Santa Barbara facts.

The Mountains are Not Your Typical Mountains

The area features a beautiful mountain range in the Santa Ynez Mountains just to the north of the city. It may take a while to realize, but this mountain range is unique because it runs from east to west. This sets it apart from almost every other mountain range in the world, as they typically run from north to south. Throughout the mountain range, you will find endless fun, from great hikes to pools and waterfalls.

Some of the Best Wine in the Country

Remember the odd mountains in the area? Well their odd orientation results in some of the best land for harvesting grapes for wine in the entire country. The Santa Ynez Mountains and the valleys that speckle the area are full of vineyards and wineries that create some of the most delicious wine you will find anywhere. While Napa Valley gets most of the press, this is where some of the most unique wines are created.

They Take Farmers Markets Seriously

You may think that wherever you are from is enthusiastic about farmers markets, but in Santa Barbara, these events are not taken lightly. You can find a farmers market every single day of the week, each of which features unique products straight out of this vibrant community. The markets pop up all over the area, but you will not want to miss the downtown markets that take place on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

You Can Find Spanish Influence Everywhere

Many people think of Florida when they think of Spanish influence in the United States, but California, and Santa Barbara in particular, was settled by the Spanish hundreds of years ago. You can find evidence of this in the amazing architecture. One of the most lasting and beautiful examples is the Old Mission Santa Barbara. The Mission was founded in 1786, with the current structures being built in 1820. Exploring the mission with one of the amazing tours here is a wonderful way to spend a day.

Santa Barbara Fact: It is Home to the Most Beach Camping on the Coast

The community takes full advantage of the beautiful place where it sits. One of the many ways they accomplish this is in offering endless beach camping opportunities. A great example of this is Refugio State Beach, where you will find 85 campsites right by the beach. This surely offers an amazing way to spend a weekend.

This information does not begin to scratch the surface of this vibrant community in this beautiful place. If you truly want to learn about what makes it all so special, then a visit is in order. Make your next trip a Santa Barbara trip. Oh, and another Santa Barbara fact: this was the first place in the country to grow avocados.