Try Some Local Brews – Things to do Near Santa Barbara

Try Some Local Brews – Things to do Near Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is home to some of the best wine country in the United States. Because of this the city enjoys visitors from all over the world. Lovers of wine find a lovely place to enjoy a vacation in Santa Barbara. The city is also home to one of the most thriving craft beer scenes in the state of California, which is saying a lot. There are many local breweries that are serving countless unique beers that you can only try here. The following are some things to do near Santa Barbara if you are a beer drinker.

Chief Peak

This is one of the most celebrated India Pale Ale beers in the city. In drinking it, you will find a good hoppy flavor that avoids becoming overwhelming. Beyond the hops, there are plenty of subtle flavors that make this a one of a kind beer. The second most noticeable of those flavors is that of the pines. This fragrant quality is delicious and offers a calming experience. Then, the beer offers a many tropical flavors resulting from the orange, gooseberry, and passion fruit ingredients. You can enjoy this amazing beer and countless others at the Topa Topa Brewery in downtown Santa Barbara on Thompson Blvd.

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company is one of the most popular breweries in Santa Barbara, simply because they make some of the best beer! It is difficult to narrow down one beer that you need to try here because they have countless award winning brews. If you are looking for something with a complex and delicious flavor, then the Lizard's Mouth Imperial IPA might be right up your alley. For something with a lighter flavor, the 2015 Denver International Beer Competition gold award winner in the Double Gold-Paradise Rd. Pilsner could be the beer for you. You cannot go wrong with any of these beers. Beyond this, you can enjoy many award winning beers on an extensive draft list, along with many wines and appetizers.

The BrewLab - Things to do Near Santa Barbara

Located in Carpinteria just a few minutes down the coast from Santa Barbara is one of the most unique beer drinking experiences you will find in California. There is not one particular beer you need to try here because they rarely brew the same beer more than once. This is one of the more unique things to do near Santa Barbara because they brew very small batches of beer, so every single drink here is completely one of a kind. This is a paradise for the biggest beer enthusiasts out there.

After you visit just one of these breweries or countless others, Santa Barbara will cease to be known as a wine town to you, and it will take on a new life as a haven for every lover of beer. Exploring some of these amazing beers is sure to provide for an experience that you will not soon forget!