Top Things to Do in Downtown Santa Barbara

Top Things to Do in Downtown Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara isn't just another California town-it's got a personality all its own, and Downtown Santa Barbara is the best place to experience it firsthand! Even if you have no car and no money, a day in Downtown Santa Barbara is a day well spent. The unbeatable climate of the American Riviera will make you happy to be outdoors and moving around, and the architecture, galleries, and parks alone will leave you engaged and rejuvenated, just as vacation should make you feel! If you're not sure where to begin, we have a few ideas for things to do in Downtown Santa Barbara for you.

Things to Do in Downtown Santa Barbara: Tours

Many Santa Barbara tours are hosted here in downtown, serving as a meeting hub for the excursions. However, more than a few tour companies tour through downtown! Look into some of the companies, such as Savor Santa Barbara Food Tours, that will lead you through downtown. Whether interested in architecture, beer and wine, or bites to eat, there's certainly a tour that caters to you!


Like any great downtown area, Santa Barbara is packed with places to shop, from nationwide chains to local treasures. Get inspired by the lovely climate and architecture and find an outfit that will capture the Santa Barbara feel. Or, stop in some knick-knack shops for bargain hunting-you never know when you'll find the perfect souvenir for yourself or a loved one or friend! Trust us: walking down the sidewalk and seeing a huge variety of different stores on every side beats online shopping all to pieces.

Peaceful Parks

Take a break from your shopping and strolling at Alice Keck Park and Memorial Gardens. Chiefly a place to relax, you'll find paths, picnic areas, and a koi pond. However, those botanically inclined will note the impressive collection of plants here, with over 75 different species creating the garden's beauty. It is one of the most beautiful things to do in Downtown Santa Barbara!

Museums & Galleries

Santa Barbara is a huge fan of the arts. Throughout downtown-especially along Anapamu Street or State Street-you'll find all sorts of galleries showcasing art in all sort of mediums. With such a large gathering of artists from across the region and throughout our history, you'll find a unique blend of cultures here unlike any place else. If you don't consider yourself an "arts" person, it just means you haven't found the piece that inspires you yet!

Stay in Santa Barbara and See it all!

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