Isn’t It Time You Crossed Some Items Off Your California

Isn’t It Time You Crossed Some Items Off Your California Bucket List?

Life is too short to keep making lists and never crossing the items off, and now that the mudslides have been cleared away from Highway 101, it's the perfect time to get that pen out and GO! The weather in Santa Barbara right now is as close to perfect as you can get, and if you're not sure of where to start on your California bucket list, we have compiled this list of exciting places for you to experience!

Explore the Architecture of Santa Barbara and its Surrounding Areas

Mission Santa Barbara was founded just 10 years after the birth of our country, and if you love old churches, this is one building you should definitely make the time to visit. On the other end of the spectrum, The Santa Barbara Courthouse is a sterling example of California mission style architecture and is famous for the lavish murals that grace its walls.

Take the Time to Have a Drink

The Cold Spring Tavern was once a stagecoach stop; today, it's famous for its game meat dishes, blues music, and its beer! Also famous throughout Santa Barbara is The Hitching Post II; if it looks familiar, chances are you have watched the movie Sideways. This wine country favorite was a scene stealer in that movie dedicated to our favorite beverage!

Man Can Not Live on Drinks Alone

Obviously, you need to eat as well, and when in Santa Barbara, you have to try La Super-Rica Taqueria, famous not just for its tacos, but for acclaimed chef Julia Child's love of the place! For dessert, we suggest a trip to nearby Solvang and the Solvang Restaurant for their world famous aeblskivers! We may not know how to pronounce the name of this Danish delicacy, but we can tell you that this pancake/waffle dessert is one of the tastiest treats we've ever tried! Maybe you could add learning how to pronounce aeblskivers to your California bucket list?

Quicksilver Miniature Horse Ranch

If you have seen the Lonely Little Horse commercial on television, you've probably found the urge for owning a miniature horse of your own, and we can't blame you. The Quicksilver Miniature Horse Ranch in Solvang offers the opportunity to purchase these adorable creatures-or at the very least, allows you to get some really high-quality pictures of them!

Cross Off Your California Bucket List!

Living in the lap of luxury during your Santa Barbara vacation ensures that this trip will be the one you never forget! Reserve your beautiful rental house from Paradise Retreats today and start crossing off those California bucket list items!