Best Bike Trails in Santa Barbara

Best Bike Trails in Santa Barbara

The community in Santa Barbara is one that takes biking quite seriously. With natural landscapes so beautiful, it would be a shame to not fully take advantage of it, and biking through some amazing trails is one of the best ways to do just that. While there are seemingly endless trails and ways to enjoy the area on your bike, the following are some of the local favorite bike trails in Santa Barbara that you need to check out the next time you are here!

Beach Cruising from East to West Beach

East and West Beach are adjacent to each other and represent the most frequented area throughout Santa Barbara. It makes up about two miles of the most fun and most beautiful coastline in the area, and as such, its boardwalk makes for one of the best places to take a leisurely bike ride. Not only is it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the cool breeze and amazing weather, there is so much to see from the Santa Ynez Mountains just beyond city, to the famous Stearns Wharf separating the beaches. This is the perfect activity for the whole family.

Best Road Biking in the Country

People often think of the beach when they think of Santa Barbara, but the area is also home to some of the most amazing valleys, mountains, and forests in all of California. Taking advantage of these amazing mountains and valleys is best done on the bike, especially along the winding Gibraltar Road that takes riders into the Santa Ynez Mountain Range. You can ride these rolling hills and cool wilderness breezes as long as you want as the road loops back around towards the city after about 15 miles, making the entire loop about 30 miles. Completing this whole ride would be quite challenging but extremely rewarding due to the constant slopes.

Awesome Mountain Bike Trails in Santa Barbara

Jesusita Trail is one of the most popular, as it is only about five miles from downtown, but you will feel as if you have been transported thousands of miles from any city. This trail calls for more experienced riders who should be ready for some good work to get through. You will find beautiful rock features, switchbacks, and other challenges. As the 7-mile trail comes to a close, you will be able to cruise with relative ease enjoying incredible views of the ocean and the Channel Islands.

Santa Barbara is the perfect place for a wide variety of pursuits, but you will not find too many places in the world that provide a better setting for a bike ride. Whether you are looking for the challenge or a way to enjoy the day with ease, you will find it here! When you're ready to take a break from your adventures, relax and recharge your batteries in one of our comfy vacation rental homes.