4 Places for a California Picnic in Santa Barbara

4 Places for a California Picnic in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is known for its parks and beaches. Take a day to have a California picnic at some of our favorite Santa Barbara picnic areas which we've listed for you below. You won't be disappointed!

Mission Historical Park and Rose Garden

Mission Historical Park and Rose Garden is the kind of leisurely location where you can have a picnic at any time of day. Come in the early afternoon and lay out a blanket for lunch and a bit of reading. Come in the evening, even in the late hours, to play a game of midnight croquet. Come in the morning to take a stroll with your dog and even let him or her off leash. No matter when you visit, you will have a phenomenal picnic at the Mission Historical Park and Rose Garden.

Old Mission Santa Barbara

Complete with an open lawn and rose gardens, Old Mission provides a lovely and historic setting to enjoy a picnic meal with friends. When finished, take a stroll through the La Huerta Historic Gardens next to the mission to continue relaxing in the plants and orchard trees the gardens offer. Make sure to have at least one picnic at Old Mission Santa Barbara.

Franceschi Park

This hidden gem offers one of the best views of Santa Barbara. Come bring a loved one or your family for an afternoon California picnic near the scenery of the shore. You might even want to plan a date at Franceschi Park to watch the sunset on the overlooking waters! Take a stroll and appreciate the beautiful exotic plants that make Franceschi Park a unique horticultural experience. This park is truly a favorite of Santa Barbara; take advantage of it when you can!

East Beach

East Beach creates a perfect environment for picnics with its big grassy areas. Watch a game of volleyball as you enjoy your picnic meal, then go for a dip in the water or lay out to sunbathe in the Santa Barbara sun. East Beach is perfect for entertaining large groups as you have the option to have a leisurely meal, then partake in outdoor activities such as riding bikes, rollerblading, or checking out the boardwalk.

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