Romantic Santa Barbara Vacations

Romantic Santa Barbara Vacations—Why You Should Choose Santa Barbara for your Romantic Vacation

Romantic Santa Barbara Vacations-Why You Should Choose Santa Barbara for your Romantic Vacation

If you've read anything about Santa Barbara, you can imagine its potential as a romantic retreat. With a welcoming atmosphere in the California Riviera and a fantastic climate, it's the perfect backdrop to some truly romantic Santa Barbara activities!

Sparkling Beaches Bring People Together

There is plenty to love about the beach, and it's all better when loved with someone special! Everything from the archetypal long walk on the beach to the thrill of learning to ride the waves makes the beach a special place for couples.

Beautiful Views for a Beautiful Couple

Even without diving in, the beach offers a fabulous place to simply enjoy one another's company. Watching the waves roll in and out for hours on end is an enchanting way to spend a morning, afternoon, or evening. If you're at Leadbetter Beach, you can even soak up the views from the Shoreline Beach Cafe while enjoying a refreshing drink and some delicious cuisine.

If you prefer to perambulate, Arroyo's Burro Beach-called Hendry's Beach by the locals-is another great stop, as its views are among the most breathtaking of any beaches in Santa Barbara-the perfect view to share with someone else. The Boathouse at Hendry's Beach is also a perfectly romantic spot for some brunch!

Surf and Excitement

Our romantic Santa Barbara beaches are also the place to be if you're an active couple. Bike rentals let you zip along the scenic coast together, while surfing and boogie-boarding are a great way to play in the waves. If you're not big on boarding, why not take some lessons? There are plenty of instructors around the city, and nothing makes a person feel young again like learning something new, and nothing makes people feel closer like learning something together!

World-Famous Wines

What says intimacy like sharing a glass of wine in a tiny restaurant? Santa Barbara is in the heart of wine country, and our downtown has embraced it with the Urban Wine Trail. This collective of wineries welcomes everyone from 21-year-olds to distinguished gourmets to discover the joys of wine. And if you want to feel truly rustic, consider a daytrip to one of the wineries beyond the city, who often host tours!

The Perfect Getaway

After spending a day enjoying the best Santa Barbara has to offer, a vacation home managed by Paradise Retreats is the perfect way to spend the evening! Our properties are perfect for couples, with couches that are perfect for snuggling and TVs for watching a movie or your favorite shows. To learn more about our wonderful amenities, look around our website, or call us at 1-805-275-1851!