Reasons to Visit Santa Barbara in the Winter

Reasons to Visit Santa Barbara in the Winter

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder in your hometown, your dread of the winter season becomes more and more apparent to your family and friends. We get it; it's hard to keep a smile on your face when shoveling snow, scraping ice off windshields, or waking up to the 75th gray and gloomy day of the season, and we think we have the solution to your problems. Your winter break is right around the corner, why not spend it in paradise? Here's a list of other reasons that will help convince you that Santa Barbara in the winter is the ONLY place to be!

Sunshine Makes You Happy

It's hard to be depressed or angry when the sun is smiling down on you, and with an average of only 4 or 5 rainy days during each of the winter months, you're practically guaranteed a vacation filled with laughter and happiness! With temperatures staying warm-ish during the day and dropping only marginally at night, you can pack light and leave the heavy winter clothes at home.

Monarch Butterfly Season, Mid-November through Mid-February

The vision of hundreds of thousands of brilliantly colored butterflies flitting about the town is one you won't soon forget. Flamboyant and breathtaking, they will make you believe in magic, Santa Claus, and all things true and pure! The best place to view them is at the Goleta Butterfly Grove, located at 7559 Palos Verdes Drive in nearby Goleta. And if you forget your camera or have a poor-quality phone camera, you'll never forgive yourself, so take note! It's definitely one of the places to go visit when going to Santa Barbara in the winter!

Whale Watching Tours

From December through April, some of the largest creatures in the sea, Pacific gray whales, migrate to our warmer waters, and many local tour companies offer whale watching trips! Santa Barbara Sails offers morning and afternoon tours, taking you to the spots the big beasts love to frolic, and if you're visiting in February, watching the moms and their calves playing together is an experience you'll never forget! This is one of the most exciting things to see in Santa Barbara in the winter.

Book a Stay to Visit Santa Barbara in the Winter

Even the end of winter is something to celebrate in paradise. Santa Barbara Restaurant Week allows our guests to sample a taste of the town! Sponsored by local restaurants offering price fixed menus that showcase their epicurean talents, you can head back to your still cold and desolate hometown with your hearts and your bellies full and happy! Choose Paradise Retreats.
It's simple: If you desire a winter vacation filled with happy memories, loud laughter, and a stay in one of the most luxurious and comfortable vacation homes, your wishes will all be granted when you choose Paradise Retreats. Reserve your stay with us today!