Why Choose Paradise Retreats for Property Management

Why Choose Paradise Retreats for Property Management

First, let us congratulate you on your choice of purchasing a second home in Santa Barbara. Owning a piece of paradise is something people dream about, but not many achieve! Unfortunately, the hard part may just be beginning if you are deciding to manage your rental property on your own. From design decisions to marketing to tax paperwork, there's a lot to consider, and sometimes it is just simpler to hire a property management in Santa Barbara company. A company like ours, Paradise Retreats, for example, can take the lead on the hard work while you sit back and count your investment dollars. We understand the ins and outs of vacation rentals and would love to share our knowledge and experience with you!

You May Not Have Considered

When you purchase a property for rental purposes, you probably already have realized some of the more immediate concerns: marketing, reservations, and even maintenance and housekeeping. What you may have not considered, however, is the importance of the decor or the clarity of the photographs that will be what makes the tenant choose your property. A photograph taken on a cell phone just won't work. Another factor that you may not have considered is neighbor relations; it's important that your tenants don't disturb the lives of the neighbors living nearby. Poor relations could lead to larger problems that could eventually reduce your investment income, which could in turn affect your retirement plans. When you choose Paradise Retreats for your property management in Santa Barbara, you choose a company that has the experience to help guide you through the potential obstacles of rental home investments.

Our Property Management in Santa Barbara Services

The short answer is "pretty much everything," but because we think you deserve a little more detail, we will explain further! When you choose us for your property management needs, we begin with a consultation to prepare your home for rent, take the photographs that show your home at its best, and market it all over the world. Our 24/7 online booking system means you will never lose a potential tenant because of time constraints, and because we handle all the day to day issues that may pop up, you never have to worry about losing sleep from 2 AM phone calls about storms that have caused a tree to uproot and send branches through the windows of your investment. Because no one likes to deal with paperwork and taxes, we do that, too. No detail is overlooked when Paradise Retreats manages your vacation rental!