March Celebrations: Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, and Earth

March Celebrations: Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, and Earth Hour In Santa Barbara

In Santa Barbara, you will find something to celebrate throughout the entire year. But March comes with plenty of opportunities to celebrate some of the most exciting days. Throughout this month comes Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, and Earth Hour. These are fun days regardless of where you are, but they are sure to be taken to the next level in Santa Barbara. Here are some must-attend Santa Barbara events and festivals for these upcoming holidays in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara Events for Mardi Gras

There is not one particular way to celebrate in Santa Barbara, but many of the events here bring a certain sophistication to the proceedings of many classic holidays. Mardi Gras night in the town of Los Olivos is a good example of this. On March 9th, countless people will gather at the Zaca Mesa Winery to celebrate the best way they know how: with delicious food and wine. Infuse a little live jazz music, Cajun recipes, and plenty of dancing, and you have the perfect Mardi Gras celebration in Santa Barbara.

St. Patrick's Day

You will find numerous festivities and Santa Barbara events throughout town for this classic holiday, but none that speak to the St. Patrick's Day Spirit quite like the party at Dragan's Irish Pub & Restaurant. You will delicious green beers, some classic Irish cuisine, a lively crowd, and most importantly, some of the best Irish music you will find in town from the local favorite band, "Kind Bee." Enjoy the festivities from 8:30 pm to midnight on March 16th. This is one of our favorite Santa Barbara events.

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is an incredibly unique celebration, as it is celebrated by hundreds of millions of people throughout the entire world. The idea is that everyone shuts off non-essential electronics for one hour in a statement supporting more sustainable energy practices. This year it is taking place on March 30 that 8:30 pm local time. There are no particular celebrations for this throughout Santa Barbara, but you can always find some community throughout some of Santa Barbara's favorite restaurants, bars, and taprooms. Or you could enjoy the comfort of your vacation home and watch the lights of town go out one at a time.

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