Have a Blast During Santa Barbara 4th of July

Have a Blast During Santa Barbara 4th of July

Regardless of the time of year, Santa Barbara is one of the best places that you can visit throughout the entire country. Due to the Mediterranean Climate, the "American Riviera" generally has amazing weather, which keeps this beautiful city bustling with energy.

It is an exciting experience to visit this amazing city during our 4th of July celebrations. Here are some of the most exciting things going on for the Santa Barbara 4th of July this year.

The Santa Barbara 4th of July Celebration

This celebration takes place in front of a beautiful setting; the Santa Barbara Waterfront near the historic Stearns Wharf. This is a full day of festivities and jovial celebration.

Beginning at 12 pm, you will have a wide range of activities to take part in. As the event begins, visitors are greeted by tremendous musical acts on the wharf. These performances continue throughout the entire day. There is a wide variety of music, so there really is something for everyone to enjoy. Other great attractions include some local favorite food vendors, kids' activities, arts and crafts, and appearances from some great local shops.

Of course, the grand finale and pinnacle of the celebrations is a glittering fireworks show over the Pacific Ocean. You are sure to experience a dazzling fireworks display, and enjoy a night to remember.

4th of July Art Show at the Santa Barbara Mission

Visiting the Santa Barbara Mission is a must-see, in and of itself, but the lovers of art out there will find a new reason to visit this historic venue come 4th of July. For over 50 years, this show has brought forth some of the most magnificent art in the area, and of course it is often consistent with a patriotic theme, touching on the history of this amazing country and area.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your 4th of July in Santa Barbara, it is sure to be a time well spent. For your best 4th of July yet, make it a Santa Barbara 4th of July.