Great Places to Eat in Santa Barbara

Great Places to Eat in Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara area is one that is filled with freshly grown local produce, and a number of our amazing local culinary artists have used this to their advantage to create some truly incredible dishes and eats. The next time you're in the Santa Barbara area, here are three great places to eat in Santa Barbara you need to make sure to check out for yourself:

Cold Spring Tavern

From the moment you cross the threshold into the Cold Spring Tavern, you'll immediately be taken aback to a time of frontiersman and settlers, and you'll know for certain that you're in for one hearty meal! The Cold Spring Tavern has been proudly serving just that for over 100 years now, and their menu is as expansive and diverse as the old frontier itself. Stop by to get the day started right with a filling breakfast of steak and eggs or a Wild Game Omelet (made with rabbit venison and buffalo black bean chili) or end the day on a high note with a juicy center cut pork chop or baby back ribs. At Cold Spring Tavern, one thing is for certain: You won't be going hungry any time soon!

La Super-Rica Taqueria

If you're looking for a true, authentic Mexican food experience that taps into the roots and history of the Santa Barbara area, look no further than La Super-Rice Taqueria! The family-owned restaurant has been a staple of the Mexican food cuisine scene in Santa Barbara for almost four decades now and serves up a menu filled with authentic Mexican dishes. With freshly grilled meats and daily homemade tortillas, La Super-Rica Taqueria is ready to proudly serve you a taste of Mexico!

Wildwood Kitchen

Winner of a Best of Santa Barbara Award in 2018 by the Santa Barbara Independent, Wildwood Kitchen has become a champion of the growing West Coast barbeque movement with some of the most delicious eats you'll find anywhere! Using local and fresh produce from the Santa Barbara area, Wildwood Kitchen combines this with perfectly smoked meats to create an experience that needs to be tasted to be believed. Pork, chicken, ribs, brisket... you name it, it's all here! Wildwood Kitchen's take on West Coast barbeque has become something of local legend and is a must stop if you're visiting the Santa Barbara area.

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