Explore the Best Santa Barbara Snorkeling Spots

Explore the Best Santa Barbara Snorkeling Spots

If you want to experience a one-of-a-kind underwater experience during your next Santa Barbara adventure, make sure to try out snorkeling. There is nothing else quite like snorkeling, as you get a truly unique perspective of the ocean and its majestic inhabits. Here is where you can find the best Santa Barbara snorkeling spots and how you need to prepare:

Refugio State Beach

If you are in the mood to try out snorkeling on your own (recommended for those with prior experience), one of the closest spots you can check out in Santa Barbara is Refugio State Beach. This popular site is about 20 miles north of Santa Barbara, making for an easy drive from any of our vacation rentals. Refugio is known for its abundance of underwater life, including a variety of fish such as opaleye, calico bass, and sheep head. You will have over 1.5 miles to explore at your leisure. Underwater reefs can be accessed just by swimming directly out of the cove and diving down. Divers do not frequent here often, so you will be more able to take incredible photos of this undisturbed treasure cove. You can even use the onsite showers to clean yourself off after you are done with your underwater journey. This is one of the best spots for Santa Barbara snorkeling.


Another great spot to check out on your own is just around Refugio State Beach. Tajiguas may not have the abundance of sea life that Refugio has, but you can find some awesome anemones and nudibranchs covering up the nearby rocks. Snorkelers and divers are keener to visit Refugio State Park so you can find less of a crowd during the busier seasons. Click here to explore some more awesome activities in Santa Barbara!

Finding the Gear

Grabbing the right gear in preparation for your aquatic Santa Barbara snorkeling adventure is a must during your stay in Santa Barbara. Find the best rental gear over at Cal Coast Adventures, where you can find goggles, tubes, and flippers to rent or purchase. You can even pick out some rental canoes to help you get out further into the water without tiring yourself out.

A Santa Barbara Snorkeling Adventure

There has never been a better time to explore the beautiful blue waters just off Santa Barbara. This vacation hot spot has more than just snorkeling for you to enjoy. For the best in vacation rentals, make sure to explore our custom homes that are guaranteed to keep you comfortable. Let us help you find the perfect vacation rental today.