Experience Santa Barbara during Spring Break

Experience Santa Barbara during Spring Break

Every year as Spring Break season rolls around, we watch the craziness from the comfort of our homes and remember fondly the fun we had during our own Spring Break days. And even though we're a little bit older and hopefully a lot wiser, we think spring is still a season to be celebrated; just in milder ways. If you're planning a Spring Break getaway, these fun things to do in Santa Barbara for Spring Break may even outdo the ones from your memories!

Santa Barbara Spring Break - The Pool Party is Integral

Ahh, we remember all those hours spent splashing happily with just enough pool space to stand in one place; the crowds were both fun and annoying back then, but when you stay in one of our Paradise Retreats vacation properties with a pool, finding a room is not an issue! Turn on your Bluetooth speakers (Wi-Fi is included as well) and do as many cannonballs as you want. This pool party has a very exclusive guest list, with only you and your family on the list!

Cold Pizza and Cheap Burgers?

Not on Our Watch! Because money was always an issue when we were broke college students, our Spring Break epicurean adventures tended to involve a lot of cold pizza and the cheapest burgers in town, but as a well-paid adult, that all changes! Start your day out with a rich and dark cup of coffee from Handlebar Coffee Roasters, 2720 De La Vina Street, enjoy a sweet homemade ice cream sandwich from McConnell's Fine Ice Creams, 728 State Street, and end with a fantastic seafood dinner including oysters on the half shell and an incredible harbor view at Brophy Bros., 119 Harbor Way. Every meal is guaranteed to be one worth celebrating! It's one of the best things to do in Santa Barbara for Spring Break!

And Then There's the Music

The musical score of our lives was a varied one back in college, but one that was always playing in the background. From our alarms waking us up in the mornings to the music played in the car, over homework, and nonstop during Spring Break, the silence was the enemy! Today we tend to treasure our silent moments, but during your Santa Barbara Spring Break getaway, chances are you'll want at least one night to let your hair down and "boogie the night away!" For our younger guests, or for those who remain eternally young at heart, EOS Lounge at 500 Anacapa Street is the only place in town! Featuring cool DJs, multiple areas to dance, and bottle service at private booths, your night on the town will be a memorable one when spent here.

Book a Stay to Experience Santa Barbara for Spring Break

There are no rules during your grown-up Spring Break, aside from one very important one: Reserve your Paradise Retreats Spring Break escape today and relive your youth in comfort and style!