Santa Barbara Wedding Destinations

Santa Barbara Wedding Destinations

Planning a destination wedding? Santa Barbara provides some of the most romantic backdrops and venues to make the trip well worth it. From historic sites, vineyards and more, take a look at the venues below and see why when it comes to your dream wedding, a Santa Barbara wedding is the way to go.

Firestone Valley

Firestone Valley offers a scenic background vineyard for you and your loved one to share in during your nuptials. The lovely venue offers a lush experience in the little village of Los Olivos, which is situated in the Santa Ynez Valley. The temperate weather provides a sunny yet breezy environment due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Gather your friends and family in the classic vineyard for a romantic wedding that is well worth the trip.

Rincon Beach Club

Situated in a quaint coastal community known as Carpinteria, the Rincon Beach Club sits along a row of colorful shops and cafes offering couples and guests a sweet and warm wedding environment. The venue offers a Wedding Garden event space where couples can exchange vows among a leafy courtyard surrounded by green foliage; the space is inviting yet private all at once. As your family and friends gather together they will enjoy the coastal breeze and jasmine aroma while waiting for you and your partner to pronounce your vows. Enjoy the reception in this venue as well with twinkling lights and vintage heat lamps. Rincon Beach Club brings warmth and romance to your marriage celebration.

Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens

The unique and exotic beauty of the Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens is a perfect spot for a destination Santa Barbara wedding. The Gardens boasts an exceptional ceremony site situated in a hidden courtyard surrounded with palm trees, agapanthus and thickets of leafy greens. Couples can exchange their vows underneath a bamboo arch, adding a sense of paradise to their ceremony. This private site is perfect for a close and intimate ceremony as wedding parties have the privilege of having the whole Gardens to themselves after 5 pm.

For an even more memorable experience, guests can explore the zoo while awaiting the Bride and Groom before the reception takes place; guests can take a train around the zoo or feed the giraffes. This site not only provides a paradise-like atmosphere but offers fun and exploration to the wedding celebration as well. What better way to persuade friends and family to join you in Santa Barbara during the greatest event of your life.

Santa Barbara Weddings with Paradise Retreats

All in all, Santa Barbara has these opportunities and so much more for you and your future spouse to explore. Contact us today to make sure your family and friends have the amenities they deserve during this exciting time!