Santa Barbara Top Things to do to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Santa Barbara Top Things to do to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Santa Barbara has established itself as one of the premiere vacation destinations in the country. Wonderful weather year-round, miles of beautiful beaches, and a unique culture are major factors in making this city an amazing place to visit. But what does a beautiful beach destination need in order to be the complete vacation package? The answer is unique and delicious sweet shops for when you need a break from the endless sunny days of the California coast! You can rest assured Santa Barbara has what you are looking for when you have a sweet tooth. Below are some of the Santa Barbara top things to do to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Rori's Artisanal Creamery

You have never seen a place that takes ice cream as seriously as Rori's Artisanal Creamery. The result is likely the most delicious ice cream you have ever had! From sourcing the ingredients to turning them into everyone's favorite creamy treat, Rori has hand crafted the process so everything is natural and high quality. There is a seemingly infinite selection of flavors, but some of the most interesting include black pepper pistachio, cinnamon toast cereal crunch, and horchata. But Rori's also specializes in making their own cones, cookies, and candies. These are all made with the same love and attention to detail as the ice cream. You can find Rori's Artisanal Creamery at multiple locations, including Santa Barbara, Montecito, Carpinteria, and even Los Angeles.

Chocolate Maya - Santa Barbara Top Things to do

Located in the heart of Santa Barbara just a couple blocks off of the beach, you will find one of the sweetest little shops on the coast. The professional chocolate procurers here have turned their passion into delight for thousands of people who love sweets. The shop features chocolate that is made all over the world. You can find chocolate bars that have been made in Europe for decades, while you can also find unique chocolates from smaller producers from every corner of the country. A wide variety of chocolate and an extensive seasonal section make every visit a unique and delicious one.

IV Drip

IV Drip has been the refuge for many working people in Santa Barbara since its opening. Not only does it serve up great coffee, but some of the most delicious ice cream sandwiches in the city. Have you ever had a coffee with an ice cream sandwich? It is amazing. It is the type of thing that is perfect for a night out after a delicious dinner.

The truth is, you cannot walk down one of these city streets without running into an exceptional sweet shop. So essentially, if you have a sweet tooth, there is no better place to be than in Santa Barbara! Staying with Paradise Retreats ensures your vacation will be relaxing and stress free, giving you more time to enjoy this wonderful city with friends and family. Browse our available secluded homes and book your reservation today!