Santa Barbara Events & Festivals in Spring

Santa Barbara Events & Festivals in Spring

Santa Barbara enjoys visitors from all over the world every year. They come for a wide variety of reasons, but you can probably guess the most prominent of these reasons: the incredible beaches. The perfect year-round weather and the vibrant community also go a long way in attracting people. But there is so much more happening here that makes it the perfect place for a vacation, as if you needed another reason to visit this incredible place. This is especially true in the spring, when countless Santa Barbara events and festivals take over the city. The following are just a couple of these exciting celebrations.

World of Pinot Noir: One of the Most Unique Santa Barbara Events

March 2nd and 3rd of 2018 marks one of the best celebrations of pinot noir in the world. You can find an amazing wine culture in Santa Barbara regardless of the time of year, but this event brings the top wineries and winemakers from all over the world to beautiful Santa Barbara. This is first and foremost a time when people get together and just enjoy wine, but you can also learn a lot and take home some of the best bottles in the world. You can also enjoy exquisite meals from some of the most renowned chefs in the world. There is no better celebration than one of amazing food and wine!

73rd Annual Santa Barbara International Orchid Show

Santa Barbara during the spring is the perfect time and place to get together and celebrate the beauty of the flowers that we love so much. March 9th through 11th is dedicated to the orchid, and you are sure to have never seen endless beauty like this. You can enjoy over 25,000 species of orchid throughout the weekend. WE know what you are thinking: it's hard to believe there are so many species out there! What is more perplexing is the amazing and unique beauty that each of them provide. Celebrate spring the right way by celebrating these amazing flowers.

Santa Barbara Restaurant Week

In order to celebrate this momentous occasion, you have to find yourself in Santa Barbara between February 24th and March 3rd. What you will find is a wide variety of restaurants offering special menus for very special prices. This is certainly the most delicious event you will attend all year! The Santa Barbara community is passionate about endless pursuits, but food is at the forefront of it all. Experience that during the city's Restaurant Week.

The community here is so diverse. That is why you will find a celebration for just about any interest that you can imagine. Consequently, there is something for everyone here; you simply need to check the city's calendar of events and plan your Santa Barbara excursion around a celebration that will really resonate with you! Stay in one of our comfortable vacation rental homes and make the most of your trip here!